Tim Cook assures Apple designers groundbreaking projects: Apple is not used to talking about its new products before they are ready to be unveiled. But exceptionally, Apple CEO Tim Cook told NBC News that the projects on which the company's design team is working will "tap you off". The statement follows a recent Wall Street Journal article about the recently announced departure of Jony Ive, the company's design director, who had been with Apple since 1996. A gap between Jony Ive and Apple's management has been formed in recent years, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Tim Cook described the story as "absurd" with NBC News, saying the statements did not "match reality". He also vaguely mentioned upcoming projects. "The design team is incredibly talented," Tim Cook told NBC News. "As Jony said, they're stronger than ever and I'm absolutely confident that they're going to flourish under the direction of Jeff, Evans and Alan, we know the truth and we know the amazing things that they are able to do, the projects they are working on will amaze you. "

Tim Cook assures Apple designers groundbreaking projects

Three new iPhone expected this year!

Of course, the CEO of Apple has not yet explained what these projects were. But rumors about what Apple's priorities are not lacking. In addition to launching previously announced products - such as new software for Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade hardware and subscription services - the company is expected to launch three new iPhones later this year.

These smartphones will retain a design largely similar to the current lineup, but the most expensive model will likely have a triple camera instead of the current dual camera, according to Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal reports. According to information provided by Bloomberg, the company plans to create a new iPhone next year, with better 3D cameras and support the 5G.

Apple has also been working on new AirPods, a new Apple Watch and a large MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities.


Apple ready to unveil augmented reality glasses?

Other rumors have emerged that Apple has long-term projects such as automotive ambitions and augmented reality glasses. Both product lines would represent a new territory for Apple, at a time when the company is experiencing a slowdown in iPhone sales. The augmented reality glasses would work through their own operating system and could be ready to be launched in 2020, according to Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg information, Apple would work on software for autonomous cars, a pivot of its original goal of building its own autonomous vehicles.

It is rare for Tim Cook or any other Apple executive to reveal future plans. But Apple's CEO has already expressed his enthusiasm for new technologies. For example, he had shown his interest in augmented reality long before the company officially launched ARKit, its augmented reality platform for iPhone and iPad.

"This will happen decisively," said Tim Cook in 2016 in an interview with former US Senator Orrin Hatch. "And we will be surprised when that happens, much as we are wondering today how we were able to live without our phone".