Sci Tech News: Latest news from science and technology!

Science helped humanity through time into finding out things that give us what we have today.

In fact, without science there would be no electricity which means no mobiles, no internet, no Facebook. It also means no fridges to keep our food fresh, no television for entertainment and even no cars for traveling.

A world without this science means that living would be different today.

Science has allegedly started back when (as far as we can predict) 2 cavemen wondered what rubbing 2 wooden sticks together would do.  That`s because science is based on curiosity and then eternal “how to’s”.

In fact, we are natural Scientists and this is part of our genes. Just watch children and you will see that they play exactly like Scientists work, with many investigation and tests.

Nowadays science influences our life and improves it. As for as long I can remember it, science has influenced the medical industry that in this moment reduces thousands of daily deaths.

People should understand that science is not just new technology, inventions or medicines. Science helps us develop our brain to acquire new knowledge and solve problems … like global heating.

Technology offers many important effects to any business operations. No matter how small or big is your company, technology offers both tangible and intangible benefits that helps you make more money and produce the best results, the ones that your customers demand. From you.

Technological infrastructure also affects the culture, the efficiency and even the relationships of a business. Tech also affects security of confidential information and offers trade advantages.

Communication With Customers has increased thanks to technological advancements and today also helps employees communication for an increased profit.Websites and apps are also part of the contribution brought to us by technology. They help us acquire new information and engage with businesses and others.


Have a look and enlighten yourself with our sci tech news selection:

Telegram Signal messaging services downtime: You may want to move your private chats to WhatsApp or Telegram for the moment: it seems that the popular encrypted messenger Signal is

Milky Way terrifying black holes heart darkness: Astronomers claim that the Milky Way has a terrifying "heart of darkness".

Tiangong 1 Chinese space station reenters Earth atmosphere:Experts said the out-of-control probe posed little risk to people on the ground.

Todd Howard Secret Elder Scrolls VI: The VI Elder Scrolls is so secret that Todd Howard will not even throw a bone at his child.

Under Armour Myfitnesspall app hacked exposes 150 million users: The Under Armor parent company lists encrypted email addresses and passwords among the stolen data.

Unexpected atom action clouds questions existing theories: Ultra-cold atomic clouds are an ideal model system for studying the fundamental issues of multi-particle quantum physics.

US March 2018 Nintendo downloads: This week's Nintendo Downloads for March 1, 2018

This week's Nintendo download includes the following content:

Vanquishing nine villainous Valkyries God War guide: 8 tips to help you defeat the Valkyries, the most dangerous villains of 'God of War'!

Verizon launched mysterious unlimited data company: Verizon has launched a mysterious new company with unlimited data for $ 40 a month!

Wave ring turns hands midi controllers: Get up to speed with this finger-based MIDI controller jewel!

WordPress powers 30 percent worldwide websites: WordPress now powers 30% of the Web, according to data from the W3Techs Web Technologies Survey Company.

World first Mercedes-AMG race track opening: Mercedes-AMG was born on the racetrack more than 50 years ago and, for the first time in the world, a race track bears its name.

World first robot-assisted spinal surgery: Robotic approach assists complex three-part, two-day procedure for removal of rare tumors

Xbox returned Microsoft 2 billions USD last quarter year 2018: Microsoft's video gaming revenues continue to grow as they focus on services such as Game Pass.

YouTube HDR support iPhone XS XS Max: It looks like YouTube has begun to develop support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video content for iPhone X.

11 animal diseases human transmissible: Diseases transmitted by animals to humans are called "zoonoses".

Facebook dangerous sarin gas parcel discovery: A parcel trapped with sarin found at Facebook, here is why this substance is very dangerous!

Samsung warns financial profits melting: Samsung Electronics said it expected a drop in operating income in the second quarter of the year, Friday, July 5, 2019.

Apollo 11 men never returned Earth: Apollo 11 is rightly hailed as an extraordinary success for the United States.

BMW electric cars construction European model pessimism: The German carmaker BMW has built and sold electric cars, but it does not seem to detect an economic opportunity in Europe.

US military laser 200 meters distance identification capabilities: A laser designed for the US military is able to identify a person to 200 meters using his heart rate.

Boeing 737 Max software underpaid temporary workers design: While the Department of Justice expands the scope of its Boeing investigation, from 737 Max to 787 Dreamliner, the manuf

US companies allowed Huawei distribution: Donald Trump lifts the ban on selling US technology components to Chinese OEM Huawei, as long as they do not pose a risk to his country's

Dott holds Lime Bird people scooter anger reliable: Dott holds Lime and Bird responsible for people's anger towards electric scooters in France.

10 best eco class meals airlines: The 10 airlines that offer the best meals on board in eco class!

Amazon keeps Alexa conversations indefinitely: here's how to remove them!

Tim Cook assures Apple designers groundbreaking projects: Apple is not used to talking about its new products before they are ready to be unveiled.

Samsung France misleading ethical commitment indictment: Samsung Electronics France ensures on its site make "efforts to build a sustainable supply chain" with, in particular, a ta

Biggest AirBnB France regions beneficiaries: The French regions that have benefited the most from Airbnb according to the platform

Canal Plus Vincent Bollore lives 500 resignations propositions: Canal + is in the hard. The encrypted channel has prepared a voluntary departure plan to reduce costs.

Facebook bug reveals AI photo interpretation: A crash related to photos on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp gave a preview of how the Facebook AI sees your images.

12 NASA scientific Moon tests projects: NASA has awarded a $ 2.3 million contract for two years for this project.

Samsung Galaxy series seawater resistance deceit accusations: Samsung is sued in Australia for misleading advertising.

7 pet caring futuristic gadgets to take care of your cat or dog in your absence!

Xbox Scarlett vs PlayStation 5 new generation consoles: It is always worth remembering: in just over 12 months, a new PlayStation and a new Xbox will land on the market of video ga

Mark Zuckerberg security chief racism accusations resignation: Mark Zuckerberg's security chief has stepped down from Facebook's CEO after being charged with sexual harassment and

Huawei employees CV reveals Chinese government links: A new study, which analyzed Huawei's employee resumes, suggests that the links between the Chinese company and Chinese intelli

Android Microsoft Launcher makeover new features: Since its release in 2015, Microsoft has been steadily improving the Launcher user experience, which allows you to customize the a

Nintendo facing competitive community: Nintendo has taken the plunge.

Nintendo Sony Microsoft join forces vs US customs taxes: The three console manufacturers wrote a joint letter explaining how these taxes would damage the video game economy, and th

Bill Gates regrets Android became only Apple competitor: Bill Gates expressed regret over some issues when he was at the helm of Microsoft.

Asteroid grazes Earth 27 June 2019: An asteroid will "graze" the Earth tonight: "No risk of collision", according to a specialist.

Huawei fills collapsible smartphone new patent: Huawei has filed a patent showing a brand new collapsible smartphone very attractive.

Google Assistant IQ beats Siri Alexa: Google Assistant's IQ is higher than Siri's and Alexa's.

Best Samsung Android Smartphones 2019: If Samsung was first positioned as an anti-Apple in the smartphone market, the South Korean giant has found a true identity with products tha

E-Sports getting started five tips: Games, training and competitions ... Five tips for getting started in e-sports

Affordable Google Assisted Bluetooth Speakers: "Ok Google, find me a bluetooth speaker that is not expensive." Wireless requires nomadic speakers are often a bit expensive for the