Mark Zuckerberg security chief racism accusations resignation: Mark Zuckerberg's security chief has stepped down from Facebook's CEO after being charged with sexual harassment and racism - although a spokesman for the family said no evidence was found for support these rumors. As US Business Insider reported in May, Liam Booth - the 34-year-old billionaires' security chief who was in charge of domestic affairs as well as the philanthropic organization The Chan Zuckerberg initiative - was charged with serious misconduct by two former employees.

In a statement sent Monday by email, Ben LaBolt, spokesman for the "family office", said that the internal investigations conducted by the office's human resources department as well as by the firm Munger, Tolles & Olson could not prove the charges, but Liam Booth decided to leave anyway - encouraging the lawyers of the people accusing him to start an independent investigation.

Mark Zuckerberg security chief racism accusations resignation

Here is Ben LaBolt's complete statement:

"For several weeks, the family office's human resources department and Munger, Tolles & Olson have conducted separate investigations into The Bloom Firm's allegations against Liam Booth, which include extensive interviews with Dr. Booth's colleagues. As well as a review of other relevant documents and information, as a result of these extensive investigations, Bloom's serious allegations against Mr. Booth could not be substantiated.

Mr. Booth knows that discretion is essential to performing security duties at this position. He decided to leave the family office to look for other opportunities. The family office is grateful for his services and wishes Mr. Booth the best of luck in his future endeavors. "

Liam Booth accused of making racist remarks to Mark Zuckerberg's wife


The allegations in question, made by former employees through their lawyers at The Bloom Firm in legal documents reviewed by Business Insider US, included charges of "pervasive discriminatory conduct", "horrendous levels of sexual harassment and assault and battery, "and noted the maintenance of an environment in which staff members were repeatedly subjected to homophobic and transphobic diatribes. The allegations also claim that Liam Booth used to make racist remarks about Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg's wife.

No rumor goes that Mark Zuckerberg was himself aware of this case. Both accusers claimed compensation for lost wages and damages for psychological distress related to the events. Ben LaBolt declined to comment on the current state of judicial proceedings.

In response, The Bloom Firm continued to call for an independent investigation into the allegations. "We continue to urge the family to use an independent and truly neutral investigator with experience with harassment and discrimination complaints to make factual findings and recommendations on these urgent and important demands," said Lisa Bloom, the director of the company, in a statement sent by e-mail. "To our knowledge, no independent investigation has been conducted.At the contrary, a large law firm defends itself against the allegations of our clients.Both lawyers are ethically obliged to defend their clients."

One of the accusers is a former staff member of Mark Zuckerberg's family, who was responsible for preparing Mark Zuckerberg's various homes for the family's arrival; the other is a former executive assistant to Liam Booth, security manager for Mark Zuckerberg. The two retained the services of Lisa Bloom's law firm, whose legal proceedings in 2017 on behalf of Bill O'Reilly's accusers sent the Fox News television host.

Head of Security would have called the Black Lives Matters movement 'inverted racism'

Liam Booth worked for the US secret service between 2001 and 2017, including five years to "oversee the physical protection of the president and the first family of the United States" during the Obama years, according to his LinkedIn profile. He had been on leave after the charges. The letters of formal notice also accused Brian Mosteller, managing director of Mark Zuckerberg's cabinet and former special assistant to former President Barack Obama, of failing to take action after the two staff members complained. Brian Mosteller remains at his post, said Ben LaBolt.

One of the letters states that Liam Booth made racist remarks to the household worker about Priscilla Chan's behavior, including "that she is a woman and that Asians have no peripheral vision," while pulling the eyelids aside in a racist caricature. The other letter mentions racist remarks from Liam Booth to the safety officer. According to the letter, Liam Booth repeated on more than one occasion to the collaborator that he "did not trust the blacks" and that "the life of the whites counts more than the life of the blacks".

The letter also states that Liam Booth boasted of deliberately attempting to undermine Priscillia Chan's diversity goals in hiring and "complained about the number of blacks who worked for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative". When the security official objected to this remark, according to the letter, Liam Booth "angrily pleaded against diversity in the workplace and the Black Lives Matters movement, which he called" inverted racism " ".

Business Insider US previously reported that a source who worked with Liam Booth and wanted to remain anonymous because she was not allowed to speak in public, said that she also heard Liam Booth say that "Asians can not drive" and to denigrate Priscilla Chan because of her ethnicity.