JOBS to help local communities around Europe. Just because between 2013 and 2016, in connection with CardiffJobs, I assisted their recruitment specialists team to get people into the work force.
So whether you are looking for a job in Engineering, Finance, Therapy, Computers, Physio, University, Teaching, Pharmacy, Maths, Sociology and many others, you will surely find one here. Good luck with your applications!



English your prefered language? Want a career in Belfast? Want to try out their amazing food scene? Dubbed as the best city in the United Kingdom for its pubs, its world class Titanic Visitor Center, the Ice Hockey Belfast Giants and others?
Why not see the page with JOBS in BELFAST (click here)

Dubbed as the greatest city in the European continent, thanks to its recent history, the many monuments, the diverse nightlife and dining experiences, as well as its hospitable working staff, Berlin is surely a great place to look for work and relocate.
Check these JOBS in BERLIN (click here)

Dubbed as the most underrated city of Europe, for its residents Brussels offers the home of the European Parliament, a blooming city, probably the world's most beautiful square, food and an advanced social security system.
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Fancy a new start? A new job in the “little Paris” of Europe? With lower life costs and fabulous summer parks? Where you can see the biggest building in Europe, it`s Palace of the Parliament? Bucharest awaits you.
Why not check these JOBS in BUCHAREST (click here)

Cardiff is a continuously growing and prospering city! You can always find jobs, friends, culture, music, nightlife and more. It's also dubbed one of the best regeneration projects of Europe, so opportunities will always exist.
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Like to spend more time outdoors after work? Why not choose Edinburgh as your next home? With breath taking outdoor minutes away, you get to experience the Scottish hospitality, with lower life costs and even retail therapy.
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Want more diversity? Want to see the Thames daily? Why no give London a chance? Recognised as the most traveled city in the world, the home of many famous pubs, its restaurants, and higher wages (due to higher living prices), you'll probably find the job opportunity you need here.
Visit JOBS in LONDON (click here)

Fancy some Mediterranean culture instead? Why not try Madrid. Famous for its calamari sandwiches, the Egyptian temple, the oldest restaurant in the world and its biggest drive-in cinema in Europe, Madrid may fit your needs.
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Never visited Paris? Or the Eiffel tower? Want to see the Notre Dame Cathedral or any of the other famous museums? Want to find out more about the two sides of the river and the loyalty to that?
Have a look at JOBS in PARIS (click here)

The coolest riverside of Europe is in Warsaw. With affordable prices and incredible WWII museums, this reconstructed city has a lot of history and modernism to share.
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