Huawei fills collapsible smartphone new patent: Huawei has filed a patent showing a brand new collapsible smartphone very attractive.

After the loss of many US suppliers, Huawei is now in a complex situation. Recently, the Chinese firm has rejected the launch of Mate X, its first foldable smartphone. This decision would have been made not because of his troubles with the US administration, but rather to avoid making the same mistake as Samsung, which has encountered many problems by launching his foldable phone too early.

Despite this delay, Huawei seems to have bigger ambitions with folding phones. Recently, the company has notably patented a smartphone that can fold in three.

Huawei fills collapsible smartphone new patent


Three models in the patent

The patent filed by Huawei presents three models of foldable smartphones:

  • The first model or "Model C" has glasses at the top and bottom of the screen. The latter house the camera, sensors and a home button.
  • The second model or "Model B" has a single telescope at the top of the screen. The latter houses the camera and sensors.
  • The third model or "Model A" is more advanced since it has a screen without any border.

Unlike Mate X, Huawei's three recently patented folding smartphones can be folded twice, instead of just one. When both sides of the screen are folded, the device looks like a compact phone.

Unlike Xiaomi's folding phone, which can be folded in and out, the new foldable handsets from Huawei can only be folded out.

According to the patent of the Chinese firm, the screen would be maintained to the rest of the structure of the device using powerful magnets. In addition, the smartphone could be used as a laptop and as a tablet.

For now, we do not know if these three models of folding phones patented by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will one day materialize and marketed on the market. While waiting for an official announcement, the site LetsGoDigital had the good idea to create renderings to give us a very realistic overview of the model without borders.