Google Assistant IQ beats Siri Alexa: Google Assistant's IQ is higher than Siri's and Alexa's.

When it comes to obtaining information or managing a smart home, Apple, Google and Amazon are able to provide excellent help through their sophisticated artificial intelligence-based voice assistants. But when it comes to saving lives? One study confirms that the three tech giants still have a lot of work to do, even though Google is one step ahead of the other two.

The first step towards a future in which voice assistants might be able to help care for people, or medicine in general, is to understand exactly what each user is communicating to them. Unfortunately, a new study by Klick Health and published in Nature Digital Medicine reveals that Siri and Alexa are continually struggling to recognize the names of commonly available drugs in the United States.

Google Assistant IQ beats Siri Alexa


What is the best voice assistant?

For those who do not know it, Klick Health is the largest medical science marketing agency, has been named "Agency of the Year" six times over the last seven years and has won prestigious awards such as the Lions Health Awards.

This research gave Apple's artificial intelligence an overall accuracy score of 58.5% for drug names, and gets 51.2% in terms of correctly identifying generic drug names. Although this means that Siri is able to understand every second time, the average is far from impressive for a software of almost 8 years.

Google Home & Alexa: and the kids in all this?

The same goes for Alexa: Amazon's assistant achieved even lower accuracy rates of 54.6% and 45.5% respectively. On the contrary, Google Assistant eliminated competition, correctly identifying drug names in 84.3% of cases and "guessing" brand names in 91.8% of cases. This may not be absolute perfection, but it is another area where the wizard created by Google dominates the others.

And what vocal assistant do you use? Do you think he's smart?