E-Sports getting started five tips: Games, training and competitions ... Five tips for getting started in e-sports

GAMING On the occasion of Occitanie Esports, "20 Minutes" interviewed enthusiasts

  • To start well in e-sport, Nicolas Sady, president of the Montpellier Esport Club, suggests to define the kind and support that are most appropriate.
  • For training, semi-professional player Jérémy Lacombe plays one to two hours a day, "at least to get a little rust and keep my reflexes".
  • In terms of competition, nothing is initially used to target four-digit cash-prizes, small local tournaments, organized by associations, will do the trick.

Until Sunday, Montpellier goes into e-sports mode. The Sud de France Arena hosts from Friday the second edition of Occitanie Esports, where will compete against 800 players from around the world. On this occasion, gaming enthusiasts deliver 20 minutes a few tips for getting started in e-sports.

E-Sports getting started five tips


Choose your game ... and its equipment

Counter-Strike, Fifa, Rocket League or Smash Bros, games are not lacking to embark on e-sports. But you must choose the one that will allow you to climb among the best. "You have to know if you prefer individual or team games, shooting games, strategy or sports, and if you want to play on consoles or PC," says Nicolas Sady, president of Montpellier Esport Club. "It's pretty simple, you have to play the game we love! "Summarizes Montpellier Jeremy Lacombe, aka Yatta, semi-professional player Smash Bros.

Train, train, train

As in traditional sport, coaching is the key to progress in e-sports. "The best thing is to be regular," says Jérémy Lacombe. I try to play for myself for one to two hours a day minimum, at least to get a little rust and keep my reflexes. There is the online game, of course, but I also organize sessions at home, with players I know. We give each other advice. "

Observe other players

In e-sports, hitting behind the screen alone may not be enough to climb to the top of the podium. Taking a look at the actions of other players is essential to identify new strategies and small tips for progress. "The training is not necessarily play, ensures Montpelliérain Jérémy Lacombe. I also watch a lot of tournaments, especially in the United States. I see what they do that I do not do, what they do not do that I do. "

Do not neglect your lifestyle

Align the parts one behind the other, without ever seeing the sunlight, is not a good idea. "If you want to be on top, you have to eat well, sleep well, like a real athlete," insists Jérémy Lacombe. And if you can do a little sport from time to time, it's also very important, to be good in your body, well in your head. "It is essential to take the time to go out, it must be a pleasure, it does not become an obsession," says Nicolas Sady.

Join the competitions

Playing online is good, but playing against other players in competitions is better. Initially, there is no point in targeting four-digit cash-prizes, and small local tournaments organized by associations will do the trick. "I started in conventions, like the Japan Expo, with small tournaments for fun," says Jérémy Lacombe. Then when I learned that you could make money playing Smash Bros, I tried my luck, I even traveled to do the maximum of competitions, in which amateurs and professionals are mixed. "