Dott holds Lime Bird people scooter anger reliable: Dott holds Lime and Bird responsible for people's anger towards electric scooters in France.

Dott, the French operator of electric scooters, has collected an additional 30 million euros in less than a year, a tour de table led by two of its historical investors, Equity Ventures and Nasper. Dott had already raised 20 million euros at the end of last year. This money will be used to launch a service of electric bicycles by the end of the year and to industrialize their production. The city has not been chosen, Dott tells us. It will not necessarily be Paris where the company is present with its electric scooter service, as in Brussels, Lyon and Milan.

Investors decided to support a startup in a faltering market, as the forecasts suggested. In a year, since the arrival of the first two self-service wheels with Lime and Bird, half of the operators have already abandoned or put "temporarily standby" their service, according to Les Echos and the Journal du Net. Dott still offers his electric scooters alongside rivals Jump (Uber), Circ, Lime, Bird and B-Mobility.

"This is not surprising and it's even good news," says Nicolas Gorse, Dott's General Manager France, "for customers, it improves the readability of the offer.This is the end of electric scooters first version of Ninebot that are not suitable for intensive use of self-service ". The parallel with the abandonment of self-service bike companies is easy to do.

Dott holds Lime Bird people scooter anger reliable

Models not adapted to France

In the viewfinder of Nicolas Gorse: Lime and Bird. The two American startups - with their pockets full of hundreds of millions of dollars - flooded the cities with low-end scooters. In a few months, they have installed them everywhere, taking advantage of a legal and regulatory gap that the future law LOM will tend to rectify. This rapid deployment internationally has made investors crazy and created a call for air for other startups. On the flip side, the electric scooter, installed in the middle of the sidewalks, sometimes overturned, rolling anywhere and causing accidents, aroused the ire of other users - pedestrians, scooters, motorcycles and cars. Now, cohabitation is complicated and the electric scooter has a deplorable image.


For Nicolas Gorse, Lime and Bird are the first people responsible for this situation: "We blame them, they came first and they had the opportunity to do things well, by deploying in a reasoned way, by educating people, being responsible, instead, they got the hang of it with disposable products, calling on their self-employed scooters to replace their scooters, and this is not a model adapted to France. have no right today to talk about sustainable mobility. "

To be chosen by the City of Paris, a challenge of survival

Cities like Toulouse, Nantes and many in the Paris region have pushed any self-service scooters into their streets. And Paris has decided to follow the path set by San Francisco by launching a call for tenders to grant only two or three companies the right to exercise the activity of renting scooters self-service. In other words, good students will be more likely to be chosen, Anne Hidalgo having warned that social and environmental criteria will be particularly taken into account. Staying in Paris will become a question of economic survival for the actors present. Their withdrawal from some can be explained by this future choice of the community.

"The acceptability of the service is the key to make it work." It's easy to have scooters everywhere but it's more complicated to strive for profitability.It's not just a platform business but operators, that is to say, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the scooters but also to have employees who recover them, repair them, reload them and relocate them.Losing Paris, it is a risk of survival, ile ne We have not invested much in the product, in warehouses ... We do not pretend that everything is perfect at Dott, but we are working to make our products sustainable, "explains Nicolas Gorse.

In an interview with the Financial Times in late 2018, a senior executive of Segway-Ninebot, a leading manufacturer of electric scooters, expressed his doubts about the future of his customers' business model and predicted the bringing together startups in the sector with large groups. This is not Dott's vision yet. With more limited means than Lime and Bird, the company of 100 people decided to launch in four cities (Brussels, Paris, Lyon and Milan). It has 3,500 scooters in France, including 2,500 in Paris. On average, its users travel 3.2 kilometers and the scooter is used four times a day, with a very seasonal service. The economic challenge is also this: to ensure that over a year, winter and fall included, the average uses do not fall.

The startup is expected to announce in September that its vehicles have a lifespan of one year while waiting for the next generation with removable batteries. By 2020, Dott plans to open its service in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.