Bill Gates regrets Android became only Apple competitor: Bill Gates expressed regret over some issues when he was at the helm of Microsoft. For him, "his biggest mistake" is the failure of the Windows Phone mobile OS, and that Android is the only operating system capable of challenging Apple ...

Bill Gates recently confessed in an interview with Global Village and resumed on The Verge. On this occasion, he took stock of his successes and his failures. Among the things that the entrepreneur regrets the most, the fact that Microsoft has never really been able to design a mobile operating system worthy of the name.
Bill Gates considers leaving leadership to Android is a mistake

Bill Gates regrets Android became only Apple competitor


"The biggest mistake of my life, then, was the mismanagement I engaged in that prevented Microsoft from becoming what Android is today." With these terms, Bill Gates seems to evoke a strong sense of failure.

The former boss of Microsoft regrets that his company was not able to design a competitive mobile operating system, and that could be a major competitor of Google and Apple.
A regret that Microsoft is not more present on the mobile market

Since 2008, it is the Mountain View firm that has positioned itself as a true challenger of the iPhone with Android. Microsoft could not do anything, which may seem surprising given its leadership position in the IT sector. If at first Windows Phone was supported by Nokia mobiles, it did not last long.

Indeed, after two years, the OS has been abandoned. And his successor Windows Mobile, launched in 2016, will not fizzle either, since it disappeared the same year. This is how Microsoft has definitely turned the page of mobile OS.

For Bill Gates, "it was a natural thing for Microsoft to win", hence the feeling of failure in the mobile sector. For Bill Gates, the solution would have been to buy Android, which had been done by Google for only $ 50 million.