Android Microsoft Launcher makeover new features: Since its release in 2015, Microsoft has been steadily improving the Launcher user experience, which allows you to customize the appearance and features of Android devices by replacing the original application launcher. Only a few weeks after the release of version 5.5, new updates are available with version 5.6, for all the beta testers of the application.

Android Microsoft Launcher makeover new features


The news

This update includes some improvements, even if the Play Store still mentions, for now, the adaptive icon support, already present in the previous version, and which allows to choose the shape of its icons. Nevertheless, real innovations are emerging, such as the ability to add emails marked from Outlook in a dedicated list on the Tasks Card. This feature is what Microsoft To-Do does, but now it is no longer necessary to launch this application to achieve the same result.

In addition, the meetings listed in the Teams collaborative application calendar will be added directly from the calendar on the Feed page. This feature is also found on the mobile version of Outlook, which shows the willingness of Microsoft to converge all the features offered in one place, and thus simplify the user experience.

Finally, Microsoft has completely redesigned the settings page, which now looks very different. The main section with big buttons gives way to a page where options are accompanied by a colorful icon, close to what Android Pie offers. Microsoft has also removed some of the redundant options related to browser settings.

If you are interested in Microsoft Launcher, to date one of the most downloaded alternative application launcher on Android (about 10 million downloads), you can find it on the Play Store, and eventually sign up for the beta program, so to test the new features of this version 5.6 now. It should probably appear on the store, for everyone, in the coming weeks.