Amazon keeps Alexa conversations indefinitely: here's how to remove them! A letter from Amazon sent last week to a US senator reveals that the company stores voice recordings and voice interaction transcripts indefinitely, unless customers manually delete them. Even in this case, some information relating to Alexa may be retained by Amazon. Sen. Chris Coons of the State of Delaware sent a letter to Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, in May, asking him questions about the length of time that Alexa's voice recordings are kept. Brian Huseman, vice president of public policy at Amazon, sent a letter Friday in response to the senator.

Brian Huseman said in the letter that Amazon can "keep voice recordings and customer transcripts until the customer decides to delete them". However, deleting your Alexa records does not necessarily guarantee that the information is no longer in the hands of Amazon. "We may still have other records of client interactions with Alexa, including records of Alexa's actions in response to the client's request," wrote Huseman.

The data that can be retained includes a record of Alexa's use requests to access external services, such as calling an Uber. Data on recurring requests to Alexa, such as birthday reminders, are also stored. Brian Huseman explained that, in Amazon's opinion, this storage of residual information is ultimately to the benefit of the customer because it improves Alexa's machine learning systems.

Amazon keeps Alexa conversations indefinitely

"To work well, learning systems need to be trained using real-world data - speech is nuanced, dynamic, and varies widely by region, dialect, context, environment, and speaker," he wrote. Brian Huseman. "Coaching Alexa with voice recordings and transcripts from a wide range of clients helps to make sure that Alexa works well for everyone."

According to Senator Chris Coons, this means that even if a user deletes his voice recordings, the information will not be totally inaccessible to Amazon. "Amazon's response leaves open the possibility that voice transcripts of users with Alexa will not be removed from all Amazon's servers, even after the user has manually removed it," said Senator Chris. Coons in a statement to CNET.


How to delete your Alexa records:

Users can learn more about voice record management for Alexa devices by visiting the dedicated page.

To review voice recordings and delete them individually or all at the same time:

Log in to the Alexa space for managing personal data on the Amazon website.

Click "View Voice History" to view the records and delete them.

To delete all your voice recordings at the same time:

Log in to the Alexa space for managing personal data on the Amazon website.

Go to the "Devices" tab

In the list, click the icon with the ellipses associated with your Alexa device.

Click on "Delete voice recordings"