Affordable Google Assisted Bluetooth Speakers: "Ok Google, find me a bluetooth speaker that is not expensive." Wireless requires nomadic speakers are often a bit expensive for the most demanding music lovers financially.

With the arrival of summer, sunny days and even the heat wave, we do not really want to get stuck in his living room with his big Hifi (or his turntable for the hipsters of you). We want to take the air out, but a bluetooth headset is not ideal either, unless you want to sweat ears profusely.

By necessity, a small nomadic speaker has all the arguments to fill your lack of decibels in any mobility. The HuffPost and its partner, the price comparator, have drawn up a selection of the best bluetooth loudspeakers with the lowest price in recent months.

Affordable Google Assisted Bluetooth Speakers


The price / quality ratio of smart speakers has never been so good

Before going into the heart of the matter, it should be noted that among the 11 most wanted models identified by Idealo, two connected speakers have recorded the largest price reductions.

Thus the third-generation Echo Dot of Amazon and especially the Google Home mini experienced respectively a tariff fall of 31 and 11% between February and May 2019. We can find that of Amazon at just under 50 euros and its Google equivalent below 40 euros.

So certainly, invtifver a plastic pebble shots of "ALEXA" or "Ok Google" is very nice, but after a few minutes we are quickly fed up with the sound more than average that offer both models.

If their speakers are amply enough to give you the news of the day or the weather, we remain a little on our hunger when it comes to sending big heavy sound.

For the most melomaniac of you, we will not advise you these products but their price drop deserved to be mentioned despite everything.

JBL, Bose, Ultimate Ears, very good nomadic speakers among the best price cuts

Of the 11 most sought-after bluetooth speakers, some very good references in terms of sound slip into the rankings of the best price cuts.

One can for example mention the JBL Charge 4 which records a price decrease of 9% between February and May. We can now find this speaker at 130 euros against about 150 to 200 euros at the time of its release in February.

The model is touted by the specialized sites as having excellent autonomy (more than 20 hours) with a fast charging USB-C, a very robust design and a Bluetooth multipoint connection.

The speaker can also charge your smartphone and offers a fairly balanced and very focused on the mediums (to learn more about the sounds according to each style of music, see our article on the subject here).

The Bose SoundLink mini II loudspeaker also has a nice price reduction of 15%. It is now around 150 euros, a good deal compared to its launch price of 190 euros, no?

In fact, the model was released four years ago and knowing Bose, we could not really expect better price drop. Still, the SoundLink mini II remains an excellent product that remains at the top of most online comparisons today.

The 12-hour battery life is more than worthwhile for a 2015 product and you can connect up to eight devices. We find of course the classic Bose V sound signature, with very dynamic bass for such a small product and very clear highs as well as clean voices.

Finally, an entry-level model for tighter budgets also ranked among the best price cuts among the most sought-after products: the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom.

This is the first generation and not the second version released last June and we tested. Still only 50 euros, you have a very good nomadic and compact holiday speaker.

Indeed, the Wonderboom hides its game very well and offers a volume of sound to you surprisingly fill the eardrums. A power that allows him to get out of big bass very well reproduced for this size. But it will limit your ambitions in terms of decibels, the distortion is a little too pronounced because of the small size of the machine.

The Wonderboom takes about ten hours before needing to be recharged and you also have the option to connect two same models between them. The sound is far from stereophonic but the double mono has the merit of better distributing music between two places in a room. Very handy for not having to clump around the speaker if you are in the evening.