10 best eco class meals airlines: The 10 airlines that offer the best meals on board in eco class!

Rankings on airlines are increasing: punctuality, comfort of seats, staff ... The least criterion counts, including food offered on board. While economy class is sometimes stigmatized and mocked for its unattractive meal trays, some companies are making efforts to offer quality food to their customers. Option vegetarian, adapted to the religious confession, without gluten ... The passengers have in addition often the possibility of asking for a meal adapted to their requirements.

The British site Skytrax has ranked the various airlines based on more than 21 million responses received following a survey addressed to passengers. And they were particularly expressed on the meals tasted on board. In the final, many companies from Asia stand out and only one European company appears in this ranking. It should be noted that Air France is in first place for meals served in first class.

10 best eco class meals airlines

Here are the 10 airlines that offer the best meals on board:

10. Emirates

Emirates offers a wide selection of halal-certified meals inspired by the region to which passengers are traveling. Emirates Flight Catering prepares 110 million plane meals a year - the largest catering service in the world.


9. Lufthansa

The German company Lufthansa offers three types of meals: aperitifs, three-course menus and snacks. On some long-haul flights, regional chefs even create local menus depending on the destination of the passengers.

8. Qantas Airways

On the Qantas website, the company claims to offer "a multicultural selection of locally sourced dishes, served in generous portions with a range of Australian wines, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages."

7. Turkish Airlines

On its website, Turkish Airlines claims that its dishes are prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. They are proposed according to the time of departure and the duration of the flight. As for other companies, customers who wish can also request a special meal according to their preferences, for example adapted to the medical, dietary and religious requirements of each.

6. ANA All Nippon Airways

The Japanese airline offers typical Japanese dishes such as vegetable soups made from local produce (onion, celery, cabbage and garlic). Travelers can also enjoy dishes based on three varieties of local curries from Tōkai and Hokuriku Shinetsu regions.

5. Qatar Airways

Like many other companies, Qatar Airways offers travelers the choice of the menu option they prefer before the flight, so they can opt for low-calorie or gluten-free meals. On long-haul, travelers have the choice between several hot dishes, all halal.

4. Thai Airways

The Thai company offers a wide selection of Thai dishes made from local produce to support "local farmers" as it claims on its website.

3. Japan Airlines

Chicken, pasta, salad or shrimp, Japan Airlines offers a variety of meals for its economy class passengers. The company has even set up a contest to allow six young chefs to make themselves known and offer their creations on board their aircraft. Economy class passengers on Korea-Japan flights will also be able to enjoy a bento meal.

2. Singapore Airlines

In addition to providing special meals, especially for children and babies, the airline company Singapore Airlines offers the class "Economy Premium" service "Book The Cook" (a cook's book), a kind of restaurant where passengers can choose from a selection of dishes prepared "with care".

1. EVA Air

The big winner is a Taiwanese airline, EVA Air. It offers a wide variety of meals, including vegetarian meals. You can find on their website a list of choices: "vegetarian oriental meal", "vegetarian ovo-lacto", "vegetarian Hindu", "raw vegetarian" or "vegan".