World First Mercedes-AMG Branded Race Track Opening

World First Mercedes-AMG Branded Race Track Opening: The circuit was broadly reconfigured and extended in 2011 utilizing the plans of famous course planner Hermann Tilke. 

Mercedes-AMG was conceived on the course over 50 years prior, and now, out of the blue anyplace on the planet, a circuit now bears the brand name of AMG. The new race track, which likewise happens to be the principal appropriate race track in South Korea will be known as the AMG Speedway, a vital Mercedes-AMG advertise. This will make new potential outcomes for the Mercedes-AMG mark in general. 

The track embraced the name, as well as games the corporate outline of AMG. The 4.3-kilometer circuit, somewhere in the range of 38 kilometers from Gangnam, a region of the capital Seoul, permits encountering the brand's Driving Performance as seriously and only as no place else in the area. 

The AMG Speedway depends on the South Korea's first changeless course, which was initiated in 1995. The circuit was widely reconfigured and extended in 2011 utilizing the plans of prestigious course architect Hermann Tilke. 

The circuit is presently 4.3-kilometers in length and winds its way through 17 turns and over an extension on the grounds of the Everland Resort amusement stop on the edges of the capital Seoul. 

World First Mercedes-AMG Branded Race Track Opening

The AMG Speedway will likewise be utilized for the introduction of new models, merchant preparing, and other occasion designs. AMG being an execution mark, is best tried on a circuit to comprehend the execution, and the driving progression. 

"The AMG Speedway is the world's first circuit bearing our name. This underlines the significance of South Korea as one of our principle markets. The AMG Speedway is along these lines not just an imperative advance in the further unique improvement of AMG in South Korea. It likewise remains for the key extension of our up close and personal correspondence. Clients and fans can encounter the embodiment of our image here direct", says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. 

Mercedes-AMG in South Korea recorded a noteworthy twofold digit development and another business record in 2017. The circuit and its surroundings are improved with a large group of elite AMG areas in the corporate outline, for example, the AMG Lounge the different pit path and enclosure region.