What happened to the UK after Brexit

What happened to the UK after Brexit?

The aftermaths of Brexit which Farage and Johnson haven`t told us 

Whilst I half like, half dislike EU (for reasons I will detail later), I do believeI should post about the deceit (probably fraud) conducted by the leaders of the Brexit campaign, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson...

What happened to the UK after Brexit?


During the Brexit campaign, the two renowned politicians lied to us, the citizens. Things like "we`ll stop immigration" (worded in a way similar to we`ll deport them all were stated. A daring lie was that on the Brexit bus which stated that £350 million will be given to the NHS weekly. 

Shortly after the results came in, Nigel Farage explained that it was a misunderstanding. Probably trying to convince all 80+ UK residents that we can`t read correctly the information displayed on his bus [see here]

He was then accused that the UK economy will now decline, but he defied us again, stating that this was not, nor is the case [see here]

Just a few of the lies he sold us ... 


aShortly after, a petition was launched to arrest him and handed to Kent police [source]. What happened to it?


What do we do? Do we believe the Remain campaign lied when it said the economy got hurt or the Brexit one which states it`s working as normal?

Let`s get an objective opinion on that question: let`s see how the GBP (£) played in Europe after Brexit:

POST BREXIT GBP RATE compared with EURO | see the [source]

POST BREXIT GBP RATE compared with POLISH ZLOT | see the [source]

POST BREXIT GBP RATE compared with ROMANIAN LION | see the [source]

As the graphics show, at least 10% of the United Kingdom economy sank ... hence Farage lied to us and for the economy was affected.

Once again, this topic was strictly related to the ECONOMY AFTERMATHS of BREXIT, not for whether UK should or not leave the EU