Hard-hitting address from the Vatican delivered by Pope Francis

In his "State of the World" address, the pontiff also repeated his call for a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians and respect the "status-quo" of Jerusalem following US President Donald Trump's decision to recognise the city as Israel's capital. 
The pope addressed envoys from more than 180 countries.
It comes a day before North and South Korea are due to hold talks expected to address North Korea's participation in the Pyongchang Winter Olympics. Some diplomats see this as a possible opening for discussions on other topics such as humanitarian issues and divided families. [source]

Nigel Farage full interview: 'Brexit is winning everywhere'

The 'dream of Brexit' isn’t just winning in the United Kingdom, it’s winning in Catalonia, Hungary, Poland and all over the European Union as we speak. There is a major historic change - Nigel Farage [source]


Macron appeals to China over boosting ties and climate change

Emmanuel Macron has met with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Beijing, as he starts a three day state visit to the country.
Macron’s agenda during this visit includes combating climate change, the North Korean crisis and combating terrorism – particularly in Africa, where Paris hopes to obtain Beijing’s support for the G5 Sahel military force.
During their meeting, Macron welcomed the commitment of the world's leading polluter to the fight against global warming and said he had called on his hosts to "relaunch the climatic battle". [source]

EU chief despite Brexit loss calls for bigger budget

The next long-term EU budget has to be bigger, despite the loss of cash from Brexit Britain. That from the head of the European Commission at a finance conference in Brussels.
Jean-Claude Juncker said joint polices in areas such as defence, security, migration and agriculture will be money-hungry.
“Our British friends will be leaving us on the 30th of March 2019 so between now and then we need to do our utmost to find the means of reacting to the loss of a significant number of billions of euros, when a net contributor goes,” he said. [source]

Turkey for a sixth time extends state of emergency

Since 2016 nearly 50,000 people have been arrested.
Critics say the government has used its emergency powers to go after all opponents, including politicians, journalists and activists, and to bypass lawmakers by ruling through decrees. [source]