#Trump angers Palestinian which results in anti-US protests in #Turkey, #Jordan (VIDEOS)

Anti-US protests erupted almost immediately after Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – with greater demonstrations expected across the Muslim world, united in their support of the Palestinian cause. [source]

‘Dead #terrorists can’t harm us’: #UK Defence secretary vows to kill Brits who went to #ISIS

Newly-appointed Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson is taking the hardline approach on UK-born Islamic State fighters with a very clear, cold-blooded message: Britain will find you, and Britain will kill you. [source]

#Brexit deadlock can collapse ‘within weeks’ May government: #EU chiefs and #Tories fear

Theresa May’s government could be close to collapse, with Tory officials warning her leadership could be over within weeks if she fails to bring the Irish border deal under control. The EU is looking to give her breathing room by granting another extension. [source]


Rowdy Commons #bar shuts after #brawl leaves one glassed & another arrested

A Commons bar infamous for its unruliness has been shut down after a fight left one man seriously injured in an alleged glassing and another arrested. [source]

Tougher sentences for #sexists under plans to make #misogyny a hate #crime

Criminals motivated by sexism could face increased sentences as police prepare to review plans to make misogyny a hate crime. It comes as part of efforts to clampdown on sexual harassment. [source]