MI5 failed to 'avoid' #Manchester Arena #terrorist #bombing

The attack on the Manchester Arena that killed 22 people in March could have been stopped if MI5 had investigated intelligence it had on the bomber, according to a major government report. [source]

‘I’m going to die’: Stabbed #father dies after being #neglected by 999

A dying father-of-two rang the emergency 999 number after being viciously stabbed, only to be put on hold and forced to listen to an automated message.[source]

Keyboard #app exposes 31mn users’ data including #passwords, #web searches

More than 31 million users of a popular virtual keyboard app AI.type, have had their private data exposed online, including email addresses, passwords, dates of birth and details from Google accounts, [source]


#Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israeli capital and delays embassy relocation

US President Donald Trump is expected to announce official US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday, according to various reports citing US and White House officials. [source]

Yes to #Russian #athletes, No to Russian #officials

In balancing between punishing Russia for its “systematic manipulation of the anti-doping rules” and “protecting the rights of the individual clean athletes,” the International Olympic Committee has produced a tortured compromise for the country’s participation at PyeongChang 2018. [source]

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