1 - #Brexit consuming the #UK government
The 4 board members of the UK Social Mobility Commision have quit saying they can't get anything done while Brexit overshadows everything else in government [source]

2 - #Irish PM 'surprised and disappointed' after no deal on #Brexit border talks
Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he was "surprised" that a deal on the border was not settled after being assured by negotiators that a solution was reached [source]

3 - Shock over death of #Yemen's ex-president Saleh
Euronews got reaction from a reporter who was the first foreign journalist to interview Saleh after he stepped down as leader in 2012 [source]


4 - Victory for #Trump as top court allows #travel #ban to take full effect
Trump's contentious travel ban is given the go ahead by the US Supreme Court but allows legal challenges to continue [source]

5 - Tom Hanks receives iconic "toddler" #car from #Polish fans
Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks took his new Fiat 126p car for a first spin, after receiving the classic vehicle as a present from his Polish fans. [source]