1 - EU rule that caps bankers bonuses may be scrapped after Brexit

The current governor of the Bank of England hinted that, after Brexit, the EU rule which caps bankers bonuses may be scrapped. [source]

2 - High inflation sees UK consumer credit growth falling

The UK’s consumer debt eased back after growth in lending on credit cards & loans fell to an 18-month low [source]


3 - Bank of England highlights fintech risks

The Bank of England published 2017's bank stress test results on Tuesday. Stress tests are hypothetical scenarios created to ensure major banks can withstand an adverse turn of the economic environment. [source]

4 - Nokia says not ready to make offer for Juniper Networks

Finnish Nokia said Wednesday that it was not in talks to buy U.S. Juniper Networks Inc despite earlier reports. [source]

5 - Oil tycoon Pickens sells Texas ranch for $250 million

Financier and corporate raider T. Boone Pickens announced he's selling his prized Texas Panhandle ranch for $250 million. [source]


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