Microsoft Buys Cloud Gaming Company PlayFab

Microsoft has announced the acquisition of PlayFab — a company that provides services to game developers to build, launch, and sustain cloud-connected games on mobile, PC, and console.
“This acquisition extends the investments and work we’ve done on Microsoft Azure to provide a world-class cloud platform for the gaming industry,” writes Kareem Choudhry, Corporate Vice President, Gaming at Microsoft in a blog post. [read more]

Google Gets More Brains To Take On Mobile Rivals As It Concludes HTC Deal

Google has now officially completed the HTC deal, i.e., the acquisition of a part of HTC’s hardware business for $1.1 billion. After announcing the acquisition last year in September, Google has now got all the approvals and go-ahead signal. [read more]

World history different without 1504 blood moon eclipse

On January 31st, half of the Earth will experience a very special moon moment: “a super blue blood moon.” The term, according to NASA, describes three simultaneous celestial events: a “supermoon,” in which the moon is closer to Earth in orbit and appears 14% brighter than usual; the second full moon of the month, also known as a “blue moon”; and a lunar eclipse, which gives the moon a reddish or bloody tint. As a result, we can expect the heavens to look quite unusual. [read more]


Jeremy Hunt dragged to court over NHS reforms by Stephen Hawking

A campaign group backed by Professor Stephen Hawking has been granted permission to challenge Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the High Court over plans to allow private companies to play a greater role in the NHS.
The physicist has warned that introducing commercial companies to run parts of the health and social services would amount to an “attack on the fundamental principles of the NHS”, while campaigners said they feared the Government was trying to sneak the changes through “during the clamour of Brexit”. [read more]

Donors needed as flu season reduces Arkansas blood supply

The flu epidemic has reached nearly every state, it’s the worst scenario in nearly a decade. It’s affecting schools, workplaces, hospitals and even the Arkansas Blood Institute.
Executive Director of the Arkansas Blood Institute, Paulette Nieuwenhof, said one of the things people forget about is how the flu can impact the blood supply.
Over the past few days, the number of donors has gone down and many of their regular donors haven't been able to show up. [read more]