1 - North Korea's missile test - slap in the US face and Trump

  • North Korea's latest missile test sends two big messages: The White House is in striking range in case of war, and Kim Jong Un does not want talks with the US.
  • North Korea previously said it wants to perfect its offensive nuclear capabilities before talking peace with the US.
  • The threat of a nuclear strike on the White House may deter the US from attacking North Korea. [source]

2 - The stock market's safety net is disappearing

  • Share buybacks and dividend payments are slowing, but it's not yet time to panic about the longevity of the bull market, Morgan Stanley says.
  • The firm says stocks should continue climbing higher as corporations use money to grow their core businesses, something that equity investors have already started rewarding. [source]


3 - Why North Korea didn't launch a missile for 74 days?

  • After averaging launches every 14 days earlier in the year, North Korea went 74-days before launching its latest missile early Tuesday morning.
  • The break was probably caused by North Korea's need to focus on addressing food shortages during harvest season.
  • North Korea's fuel and military personnel are limited in resources, and may be re-routed for harvest work during autumn months. [source]

4 - Amazon can change history for these 7 companies

  • Wall Street is looking for new ways to cash in on Amazon's meteoric rise.
  • Amazon's stock has grown over 50% in the past year and is currently trading at $1,146.19 per share.
  • Investors can benefit from investing in companies whose revenues are tied to Amazon. [source]

5 - Why the cryptocurrency market will explode over the next 2 years

Ari Paul, CIO of cryptocurrency hedge fund BlockTower Capital, talks with Business Insider executive editor Sara Silverstein about the value in cryptocurrency and where he thinks the market is headed in the next two years. Following is a transcript of the video. [source]