Fossil found in cave in Israeli can change the story of human migration out of Africa

The story of how and when modern humans first left Africa may be more ancient and more complex than anyone knew.
This week, anthropologists excavating a collapsed cave in Israel described a Homo sapiens fossil fragment that has been dated to between 194,000 and 175,000 years ago.
It is the earliest known modern human fossil to be found outside Africa.[read more]

Bye bye to support for Pebble smartwatches in June 2018

Noted fitness wearables maker Fitbit announced on Thursday, January 25, that it was going to end its support for the Pebble smartwatch ecosystem in June this year.
In its blog post, Fitbit revealed that it was planning to end the support in December last year but gave the Pebble smartwatch an extension of six more months. [read more]

Moonshot Cybersecurity Company Chronicle launched by Alphabet

Alphabet has launched a new cybersecurity company – Chronicle – aimed at spotting hackers more accurately. The new cybersecurity company has popped up out of Alphabet’s X Moonshot group, and is now a standalone entity under Alphabet. [read more]


Review, Release Date, Guides, And Everything You Need To Know about Monter Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a game with a simple premise: explore the world, fight huge monsters, then turn them into your own weapons and armor. And as the first Monster Hunter in many, many years on a home console that isn't the Wii U, Monster Hunter World has the potential to draw in even more players than any game in the series before. Whether this will be your first game in the series or you're a returning veteran, we'll cover Monster Hunter with in-depth guides and reviews throughout the coming weeks to help you take down the game's biggest beasts and craft the best-looking gear [read more]

The Doomsday Clock: we're now the closest to global annihilation since 1953

The world is the closest it's been to total annihilation since the early days of the Cold War, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists warned Thursday.
The group of scientists, analysts and researchers moved the hands on the Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight on Thursday, largely because of growing risks from the North Korean nuclear crisis and climate change.
The decline of U.S. diplomacy under the Trump administration and threats to democracy from online misinformation campaigns also convinced the experts to move the time line forward. [read more]