Apple CEO Tim Cook wouldn’t let a child use social media

Anyone remember Ping — Apple’s “music-oriented social network,” the hot new thing back in 2010?
No, we’re not surprised if you don’t. It flopped — hard — and shut down after just a couple years. Apple seems to have ceded the social media landscape to Facebook since then.
Maybe that’s just as well for Apple, since Facebook has been getting raked over the coals lately — accused of allowing the spread of fake news, of experimenting on its users, getting billions of people addicted to screens, and even of trying to market emotionally vulnerable teens to advertisers. [source]

Facebook’s news feed changes can elevate fake news whilst harming legitimate news outlets

New changes announced by Facebook to elevate content on its users’ news feed that is shared by friends and family over that shared by news publishers could wind up exacerbating Facebook’s fake news problem.
Over the past year, Facebook has struggled to combat the spread of fake news and misinformation on its platform. On January 11, the social media giant announced that it would change the algorithm of its news feed so that it would “prioritize what [users’] friends and family share and comment on,” according to The New York Times. [source]

To zoom past Earth in Feb - Asteroid bigger than Burj Khalifa

NASA has recently reported a ‘potentially hazardous’ asteroid, with a massive size of  1.1km, making it the most massive encounter of this year. The asteroid, dubbed as 2002 AJ129 will fly past Earth on February 4, two weeks from now. [source]


Rocket Lab sends to orbit Electron rocket for the first time

This weekend, US spaceflight startup Rocket Lab successfully launched its second Electron rocket for a crucial flight test — and reached orbit for the first time. The Electron took off from the company’s New Zealand launch facility at 2:43PM local time on Sunday (or 8:43PM ET on Saturday), and about eight and a half minutes later, the rocket deployed three small commercial satellites. It marks the first time the Electron has completed a full mission, and that may mean Rocket Lab is ready to start commercial flights of the vehicle. [source]

Amazon set to open to the public its grocery store without a checkout line

After a year of testing with its own employees, Amazon plans to open its store that lets you browse, grab and walk out — skipping the checkout line, but not the bill — to the public Monday.
The convenience store and its proprietary technology, made up of hundreds of cameras and sensors and requiring a new Amazon app, dangled the promise of solving a bedrock complaint for shoppers — long checkout lines — when it was unveiled just over a year ago.  [source]