#Saudi #Arabia intercepts missile aimed at #Riyadh

- The US envoy in the UN says that the Houthi missile shot down in Saudi Arabia 'bears hallmarks' of Iranian arms attacks.
Saudi air defences reportedly shot down a ballistic missile fired by Yemen's Houthi group towards Riyadh, in an attack that could escalate a proxy war between the kingdom and Iran. [source]

#UK vows push ‘bespoke’ #Brexit #deal despite Barnier refusal

- Theresa May’s full cabinet has held its first discussion on the future relationship the UK should seek with the EU after Brexit.
A year and a half after the EU referendum, the full British cabinet has held its first formal discussion on the final relationship the UK should seek from the European Union.
According to Downing Street, Prime Minister Theresa May – backed up by the Brexit minister David Davis – said she wanted a special trade arrangement with the EU representing a “significantly more ambitious deal” than the bloc’s current free trade agreement with Canada. [source]

#Policies of #Austria’s new #right-wing government?

- A new “blue-black” coalition is in power in Vienna, 17 years after the Freedom Party’s entry into government provoked an outcry across Europe. This time, the right-wing alliance between the new Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and his conservative People’s Party, and the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) under Heinz-Christian Strache, has created far less of a stir. [source]


#Catalan #election showdown explained

- On December 21st, Catalonians vote on a working day—the first time in 20 years—for the next president of the Generalitat. After months of high tension from the independence movement, a new government of Catalonia will be decided on Thursday, December 21.
With several candidates campaigning from jail, another in Belgium, and a strongly polarized Catalan society, the elections are unprecedented. [source]

#EU tells #UK British #bankers will not have special relationship

- The European Union's chief negotiator says it is inevitable that British financial institutions will lose the passports that allow them to trade freely within the bloc.
nother day, another apparent disaster for Britain's Brexit plans.[source]