Hopes and deals for #corporate #tax cuts help drive #stocks higher

U.S. stocks climbed again Monday and set more records as investors grew more certain Republicans will pass their tax plan this week. Technology companies climbed, as did banks and retailers, which are likely to see lower taxes.
Stocks have made hefty gains as the GOP appeared to shore up enough support to pass the bill, and Congressional Republicans are scheduled to start voting on the legislation Tuesday. The biggest gains have gone to companies that pay relatively higher tax rates, including smaller, U.S.-focused companies, banks and retailers. [source]

The best #stocks in todays #market

SAP SE, SAP from Technology exhibited a market capitalization of 140.01B. Companies having a market cap of $10 billion or more are typically considered as the major players of the market. With today’s market cap for SAP SE, traders can easily name it as one of the major players in its Application Software industry.
With a change of 0.42% the price for SAP is $114.28. A higher P/E allows an investor to expect higher earnings growth compared to the companies with a lower P/E. SAP SE, (the reader can compare this with other companies that he is interested in). [source]

#Analysts: #Barclays# Capital Kept the Same

Recently, In an analyst note shared with investors on Friday morning, S&P Global (NYSE:SPGI) shares have had their “Overweight” Rating reiterated by stock analysts at Barclays Capital, who currently has a $190.00 target price per share on the company. This target by Barclays Capital indicates the possible upside of 12.39 % from the last stock close price. [source]


#Berkshire #Hathaway #Hits New Record High Despite Bubble Fears

It's easy to get distracted by the multitude of flashing warning signs of reckless investor behaviour gripping markets. [source]

Hundreds of #flights still cancelled as power gets back at #Atlanta #airport

More than 400 flights were cancelled Monday at the world’s busiest airport and 42 flights were delayed, according to, after the massive outage left travellers stuck inside airport terminals and in some cases aboard planes for hours. That number was an improvement from the 1,173 flights and 207 delays on Sunday. [source]