Sony Xperia XZ Pro launch at MWC 2018

Japanese tech giant, Sony has recently unveiled a bunch of smartphones, three of which was launched a few days back at the CES 2018. It seems that the company is not going to slow down its pace as a new report suggest that Sony is gearing up to launch its latest smartphone — Xperia XZ Pro at the MWC 2018, scheduled to kick start on February 26. [source]

Beta Metal Gear Survive's Is Fun

Metal Gear Survive, the bizarre zombie horde survival game that really has nothing to do with Metal Gear, kicked off an open beta yesterday. It’s surprisingly fun to play but lacks the heart and quirkiness that drew people to the series to begin with. [source]

PS4 System Software releases update 5.05

Sony has opened up beta registration for the next big system update, but don’t confuse it with the recently released update on the PlayStation 4. While the PS4’s recent update is the similar as far as numbers go, it’s not the same.
The latest PS4 update, 5.05, does exactly what most PlayStation updates do, make the system perform better. Long gone are the days of stability updates, we have been in the era of performance updates for the PS4 for a while now. Check out the full details of update 5.05 below. [source]


Intel adds human-like 3D vision cameras to any machine

Intel has released two ready-to-use RealSense depth cameras, the D415 and the D435, that can add 3D capabilities to any device or machine. They both come in a USB-powered form factor and are capable of processing depth in real time, thanks to the chipmaker's new RealSense vision processor D4. The models work indoors and outdoors in any lighting environment, so they can be used for almost any machine that needs a depth camera. Those include drones meant to soar the skies and robots with AR/VR features. [source]

GoPro will launch Fusion – 360 degree camera in Australia!

Late to the 360 degree party it’s obvious when an announcement comes from the hip and cool people at GoPro when it has the word “stoked” in the title, but that’s what we got today when GoPro announced their Fusion camera was coming to Australia. [source]