Muslims in Luton UK tried enforcing Sharia Law

Muslims in Luton UK tried enforcing Sharia Law on Romanians ... 

Romanians fight back

Let`s see how people from the East empathise with Muslim rule of law: Sharia

Muslims in Luton UK tried enforcing Sharia Law

Mohammad Abbas-Khan, 23 from Luton, is a Muslim barbershop owner. In this article from The Muslim Issue, we see that in the last year prior to the incident dated 31 July 2016, he tried - with his Muslim friends - to reinforce Sharia Law on the free and peaceful streets of Luton, UK. 

More exactly, according to his statement, he went and confronted the Romanians regarding the liberties they were enjoying related to them gathering in the car park in front of his shop. 

He states that the Romanians don`t work when he does, but as the Romanians met and meet there after 6 pm, it may be well because they meet after finishing work. 

Getting back to our story, the short version of this is:

- Romanians meet after work in a free city of a free country to catch up with other Romanians,

- Because they are drinking alcohol (social drinking), although there is no rule against it, Muslims try to enforce Sharia law (illegal law preventing alcohol in Muslim countries), 

- Alleged violence (verbal or physical) happens as the Muslims push the Romanians away 

- Romanians go, arm up, and return to show to the Muslims that the UK is a non-Sharia country, 

- Romanians attack the Muslims.

THERE are of course a few unknown things, such as:

- Were the Romanians banned again from meeting in the car park by the Muslim patrols?

Cause if they weren`t, it means that the solution initiated by the Romanians (although violent and illegal, a solution I do not necessarily uphold)  was a good way to crack down on a possible spread of another illegal solution of Sharia law in a democratic country which should guarantee freedoms like those the Romanians were trying to enjoy!