iPhone vs Samsung vs Sony

iPhone vs Samsung vs Sony

The giant`s comparison that matters

iPhone vs Samsung vs Sony

Apple, Samsung and Sony are undoubtedly the biggest players in the smartphone industry. 

Due to the fact that Sony is the quiet player, the reputation fight is between Samsung and iPhone. 

Let`s start the comparison. But before, let`s read these two articles:


As per these two articles, Sony provides Samsung with technology and Samsung at its own to iPhone. The same articles reveal that iPhone relies on hardware offered by the two other. 

Let`s stop there for a second. If you were Sony, would you offer your latest camera technology to Samsung and iPhone? Or if you were Samsung, would you offer your latest hardware to iPhone?

The answer to that question is "NO!", you wouldn`t. That`s why the best cameras (4k) are on Sony phones and Samsung will always be better than iPhone, no matter how many biased journalists in the world say otherwise. 

So, a first conclusion would be that Sony and Samsung both are above iPhone. A second conclusion would be that Sony`s camera is better than the other two. Final conclusion is that Sony is #1, followed closely by Samsung and way behind, the iPhone.

REMEMBER: Sony #1 - Samsung #2 - iPhone #3 ... don`t let them tell you otherwise.

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