Cologne is not Russia

Cologne is not Russia - Muslims Harassers Find Out

Cologne is not Russia

As they ended up arrested and in the hospital for groping Russian ladies

According to this article, a group of Muslim immigrants was ordered to leave Norway "for bad behaviour". They tried their luck in Russia, in the city of Murmansk and they ended up arrested and in the hospital.

A large group of 51 Muslim refugees, previously barred from Norway due to their appalling unsociable behaviour, travelled to the Russian city of Murmansk and wanted to try its luck and groped and molested women in one of the local nightclubs. 

The story got aggravated when the word got out to the Russian lads who came to rescue their women. 

In the first round, before the police arrived at the scene, a group of male Russians escorted them outside the club and "educated" them about the differences between Russia and France`s Cologne (a distance of over 2500 km).

The second round is marked by the fact that during their lesson - lesson showed down their faces with fists by the Russian group - many of the refugees tried escaping from the "lesson".  The Russians thought it was necessary for them to attend the whole class and chased them to ensure proper education is achieved. More fists followed. 

Third round emerged as the police came to the scene and seeing the necessity of the lesson their nationals were offering to the Muslim refugees, the police too tried breaking the fight by breaking a few refugee jaws too, as related with pride by locals. 

The fourth round was the one where the refugees who were assaulting local girls got a free ride to the hospital to recover from the hard learnt lesson and to the police, under arrest. 

Once again, I do not necessarily support violence against other human beings, but when such a human being would try to hurt my family / friends, I`d much rather spend a day in jail and know I made the right thing ("educate" the human) whilst preserve the human dignity of such family member / friend. 

I would of course, even if outnumbered, prefer to try to save dignity like these French guys tried too here <read here>.