The European Union is to distribute a lawful draft of its Brexit withdrawal concurrence with the UK. This is what to look out for. 

You can have a million perspectives per month and still not have the capacity to make lease 

Exchange connected China and the Roman world along the Silk Road, cultivating business as well as a powerful trade of shrewdness and convictions. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe—a covering universe of motion pictures, TV appears, and the permitting that runs with them—has changed the way that Hollywood methodologies narrating.

In the event that the consistently slowing down Brexit arrangements extend in character from puzzling to exhausting, there was at any rate something recognizable about them this week.

You're going to give an introduction, and for reasons unknown, the words you've constantly honed are not turning out.

Josiah Zayner took a drink from his lager and squinted into the spotlight. He was at that point sort of alcoholic. He additionally hadn't tried to compose a discourse.

The advanced assault that conveyed Estonia to a stop 10 years prior was the main shot in a cyberwar that has been seething amongst Moscow and the west from that point forward 

Chilling declaration from an Auschwitz detainee compelled to help the Nazi murder squads has at last been deciphered, on account of careful investigator work and advanced imaging. 

10 of the world's most imaginative urban areas to live, work and play

When you work in the innovative ventures, the world is actually your clam,



244 - Where is #Celebrity #Hunted filmed?
The Isle of Wight, Somerset House and focal London taping areas uncovered 
Prepare for Celebrity Hunted as it comes back to our television screens this evening...

243 - #Portugal, #France reach World Cup; #Holland, Arjen Robben not
The European champions, Portugal, met all requirements for one year from now's World Cup with a persuading 2-0 prevail upon Switzerland on Tuesday after a claim objective

241 - #Messy 3 goals take #Argentina to World Cup
On the precarious edge of being disposed of from World Cup meeting all requirements without precedent for just about five decades, Messi scored each of the three objectives in Argentina's rebound triumph

240 - Darkest moment in #US #soccer #history
Check Oct. 10, 2017, down as a standout among the most sickening days in U.S. soccer history. 
By the by, if U.S. men's national group supporters are fortunate

239 - 10 things #breast #cancer specialists wish you knew
Getting a bosom disease conclusion can be unnerving, overpowering and befuddling. There are likely a large number of inquiries going through your head

238 - October 2017 Free #PlayStation #Plus and #Xbox Games With Gold
Consistently Sony and Microsoft discharge a huge number of "free" diversions on their separate stages on the off chance that you are as of now paying for an online membership for either

237 - #Ostapenko makes #WTA #finals
French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko has turned into the seventh player to fit the bill for the season-finishing WTA Finals in Singapore

236 - #Eminems new #album is finally done
Eminem hasn't pleased his fans with new music as of late yet Deanaun Porter, one of Em's long-term teammates, has expressed that the rapper's new collection is finished

235 - #EU sues #Ireland for taxes from #Apple
The European assessment triangle show including Apple raised on Wednesday, as the European Union indicted Ireland for neglecting to recuperate charges worth more than $15 billion from Apple

234 - #Microsoft needs #VR headsets to supplant your #PC screen
Samsung is one of the main producers of virtual reality headsets because of its Gear VR
Furthermore, now the organization is collaborating with Microsoft to discharge its new Samsung HMD Odyssey

233 - #Cornell Research Contributes to #Nobel #Prize Winning Experiment
Despite the fact that not immediate beneficiaries of the Nobel Prize in Physics, reported Tuesday, two Cornell analysts made imperative commitments to the test.

232 - #SoftBank to finance #Ola with e-auto rider
Developing the quantity of electric vehicles on Ola's stage is a piece of the terms SoftBank has advanced for the financing

231 - #Sex and the #City 3 is authoritatively dead. Who's truly at #fault?
The U.K's. Daily Mail detailed a "selective" Thursday: Kim Cattrall, the reckless, salacious Samantha Jones, was the assumed holdout for a third film portion of "Sex and the City,"

230 - #ACLU Takes Federal #Government to Court Over #Abortion Pills Restrictions 
It's contending that 10 years old FDA administer places an "undue weight" on ladies.

229 - #Komfo - The New Free #Facebook Page #Analytics Tool
Komfo provides analysis – with additional handholding – to help you analyze your Facebook content based on the following types of analytics

228 - The #best 10 #apps for your #smartphone in May 2016 are:
r for Reddit, StockX, Yahoo Esports, Voisi Recorder & Transcriber, Screenshot Join, The Rock Clock, Random Flix, Eat This Much – Meal Planner, Card Case, Reddit: The Official App

227 - Do It For #Denmark #Sex #Campaign
Spies Rejser ad campaigns trying to save Denmark with sex appears to be moving progressively

226 - Third of #Great #Barrier #Reef coral killed by bleaching

Around 35 percent of the coral in northern and central sections of the Great Barrier Reef is dead or dying, as per a recent survey. Further, a research says that as much as one third of the coral

225 - #Labour #MPs coup to rescue #Blair from war crimes charge
Scottish MP Alex Salmond says the coup against Jeremy Corbyn was launched by a core of right-wing Labour MPs

224 - #iPhone vs #Samsung vs #Sony
The giant`s comparison that matters
Apple, Samsung and Sony are undoubtedly the biggest players in the smartphone industry

223 - 8 #Alternatives to #Skype
For a similarly easier online #communication
Skype was a good communication tool when it was developed ... but as technology changes, so do alternatives appear. Some better

222 - What happened to the #UK #after #Brexit?
The aftermaths of Brexit which Farage and Johnson haven`t told us

221 - #Muslims in #Luton UK tried enforcing #Sharia Law on Romanians ... Romanians fight back
Let`s see how people from the East empathise with Muslim rule of law: Sharia

220 - #Cologne is not #Russia - #Muslims Harassers Find Out
As they ended up arrested and in the hospital for groping Russian ladies

204 - ‘US delusional on progress in Syria’ – retired Maj Gen

It seems delusional to praise US Secretary of State John Kerry's push to end the war in Syria as he has made no progress other than attending meetings in Vienna and other areas, says Paul Vallely, a retired US Army Major General @ [source]

203 - Kadyrov blames US, Turkey ‘personal ambitions’ for Syrian crisis

Washington and Ankara are extremely unwilling to compromise and this position brings suffering to millions of Syrian citizens, the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has told the press @ [source]

202 - ‘Provocative, close call’

‘Provocative, close call’: US military fume after Iran test-fires missile 1.3km away from USS Truman @ [source]

201 - Turkey supports ISIS, wants to revive Ottoman Empire – Syria’s UN envoy

Syria’s envoy to the UN has accused Turkey of supporting terrorist groups and covering for their invasion into Syria. Urging the UN to end Ankara’s “violations and crimes,” Bashar al-Ja’afari also warned that Erdogan’s goal is to “revive” the Ottoman Empire @ [source]

200 - Why the mainstream media refuse to acknowledge UFOs

There’s no subject more ignored, shunned and discounted by the mainstream media than that of UFOs.
It’s absolutely true (this refusal to report, that is) and for the life of me, I can’t understand why. The implications of the ostensibly deliberate disinterest are unfathomable not to mention those of a government cover-up. In fact, the prominent ufologist Stanton Friedman calls it in effect the Watergate of the millennium.

The subject of flying saucers represents a kind of Cosmic Watergate, meaning that some few people in major governments have known since July, 1947, when two crashed saucers and several alien bodies were recovered in New Mexico, that indeed SOME UFOs are ET. As noted in 1950, it’s the most classified U.S. topic @ [source]

199 - ‘I helped create ISIS’

‘I helped create ISIS’: Iraq War veteran says US policy caused 'blowback' in Middle East @ [source]

198 - Chicago police officer pleads not guilty to gunning down black teen

A white Chicago police officer who gunned down a black teenager last year has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Jason Van Dyke faces six counts of first degree murder and one count of official misconduct for killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in October 20, 2014. Video footage shows McDonald, who was armed with a knife, being shot 16 times as he was veering away from the officer.

It took more than one year to get the video released, setting off public outrage and calls for Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign over accusations he covered up police killings of black men @ [source]

197 - Greek drivers surrender car plates to avoid heavy taxation

In an effort to increase taxes, about 700 million euros in lost revenue for the Greek government over the last six years had happened as drivers surrender their car plates - leaving them without their cars - to avoid the tax office payments.

Good job to the Greek government who is reducing its income by saving gas !

196 - Spanish police find “birdman” held prisoner by family for pension

It started off as a banal incident of public drunkenness, sad really, as a 76-year-old who lived with his sister got abusive and started harassing members of the public in the town of Dos Hermanas near Seville in Andalucia. Seeing as he was extremely drunk, local police decided to take him home to sleep it off, but once they were in the couples’ house they noticed a barricaded door and decided to investigate @ [source]

195 - Two arrested over Brussels New Year plot

Belgian police have arrested two men suspected of plotting attacks in Brussels on New Year’s Eve. The fear of terrorist attacks continues in Europe as although there were no explosives found during the searches, it was revealed that the two had ISIL propaganda material @ [source]

194 - US and Russia get differing results in the air over Syria

The famous news reader states "Several NGOs say civilian deaths have sharply risen since the Russians began their air war, and their criticisms were amplified by the US State Department on Monday". This seems very contradictory with what other non Western news factions are stating, factions which are showing that ISIL is being reduced to rumble by the Russian Army as the USA bombing is inefficient @ [source]

193 - How is Russia protecting its military in Syria, post-Su-24?

Following the recent incident in which Turkey shot down a Russian bomber, Russia has now deployed its Triumph S-400 anti-aircraft missile system in Syria. Now the Russian bases will be defended in a broad combination of height and distance @ [source]

192 - Downing of Russian jet

Why Turkey puts at stake its relations with Kremlin?

Here are several reasons why Ankara decided to aggravate its hard-won positive relations with Moscow @ [source]

191 - White And Strong Teeth

White And Strong Teeth Until Old Age: Natural Recipe From Tibetan Monks @ [source]

190 - Video games that strenghten your brain 

These three video games have been scientifically proven to strengthen your brain @ [source]

189 - E-cigarette vapor & cancer

E-cigarette vapor contains molecules with potential to cause cancer - study finds @ [source]

188 - E-cigs declared 'haram' for Muslims in Malaysia

Malaysia's National Fatwa Council has declared smoking electronic cigarettes 'haram', citing religious and 'dangerous' health concerns. Local e-smokers are incensed, calling on the council to reconsider its strict edict @ [source]

187 - The songs you couldn’t miss this year

As the year is coming to a date, EuroNews made a list of songs we shouldn`t have missed. Any of these your favourites? @ [source]


Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!

Today`s post is - as you should all know it - about Christmas. I will be writing about the different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world @ [source]

185 - Fitness Isn't Just for the Wealthy

How to Stay Healthy on a Budget @ [source]

184 - Radical Candor

The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss @ [source]

183 - User behaviour

Websites and apps are designed for compulsion, even addiction. Should the net be regulated like drugs or casinos? @ [source]

182 - How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

In a recent strategy meeting we attended with the leaders of a Fortune-500 company, the word “culture” came up 27 times in 90 minutes. Business leaders believe a strong organizational culture is critical to success, yet culture tends to feel like some magic force that few know how to control. So most executives manage it according to their intuition @ [source]

181 - Our Bodies, Ourselves

Caitlin Doughty, who was about to open her first funeral parlor, in Los Angeles, gazed at a skull that she had put on display above the desk in her office. Although it was plaster, the skull was a provocative presence in a room where Doughty planned to receive grieving families. It was mid-June, and that afternoon John Gettys, a field representative of the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, was coming to give the business a final inspection @ [source]

180 - Huge Harry Potter fan sells herself to go to the theme park

An unnamed fan allegedly posted online: ‘I am huge Harry Potter fan! The Harry Potter theme park recently opened and I need to get there but have no possible way of getting there let alone affording the costs that come with the trip such as hotel, food and entry fee @ [source]

Again, a fine example of relevant and interesting Western Media news. How much is the trip costing though ? 

179 - Dozens in Greece, Bulgaria denounce Turkey & NATO in solidarity marches with Russia 

Turkey’s two neighbors and historical adversaries Greece and Bulgaria have witnessed sporadic protests denouncing Ankara’s remorseless in the shooting down of the Russian Su-24 plane, as well as NATO warmongering in general @ [source]

178 - Young Greek women are selling sex for the price of a sandwich

A study made by Sociology professor Gregory Laxos and his team at Panteion University in Athens compiled data on more than 17,000 sex workers operating in Greece, and found young Greek women had now overtaken Eastern European women as the dominant group in the prostitution industry.

The researchers also found that sex in Greece was some of the cheapest on offer in Europe. ‘Some women just do it for a cheese pie, or a sandwich they need to eat because they are hungry,’ Laxos told The Times @ [source]

This post is to show that the news from Eastern Media is more important and relevant than the one from Western Media. Now back to watching "The Jeremy Kyle Show" as it`s an interesting way to wash my brain and have topics to chat with my friends LOL !

177 - ‘Oxygen for jihadists’

ISIS-smuggled oil flows through Turkey to intl markets – Iraqi MP - is their most important source of income @ [source]

176 - Finding girl power among the 'boy toys'

Female action heroes are reaching new heights in blockbusters like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but there is one place where their power has hit a wall - the toy aisle @ [source]

175 - Ukraine's economy hits rock bottom

The Ukrainian economy is set to contract 12 percent this year, while inflation is forecast to reach 50.8 percent, according to the World Bank. The main reasons for the slowing economy and rising inflation are the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine and a fall in trade with Russia. According to Kiev’s statistical data, exports of Ukrainian goods to Russia fell by 55.6 percent in the first nine months of 2015. Exports to Russia now stand at $3.6 billion, compared to $8.1 billion in the same period last year. The import of goods from Russia fell by 47.9 percent to $5.5 billion @ [source]

174 - Russia delivers up to 40 airstrikes daily to help Free Syrian Army fight terrorists

Warplanes of the Russian task force in Syria deliver 30 to 40 airstrikes daily in support of the Free Syrian Army, the General Staff reports. Some 5,000 FSA troops together with the Syrian Army are on the offensive in Hama, Homs, Aleppo and Raqqa provinces. 

The number of FSA personnel who have come over to the Syrian Army is constantly growing, Russia’s Defense Force Chief of Staff, Army General Valery Gerasimov, said @ [source]

173 - Turkey, US failed to notify UN Security Council of ISIS oil smuggling

Russian UN envoy Churkin stated that the two countries failed to notify the UN about ISIS smuggling oil to Turkey @ [source]

172 - ‘Germany already fulfilling its part’

Merkel dismisses US request for more anti-ISIS forces as Germany takes a strong lead in putting USA requests aside @ [source]

171 - ‘Parliament throws 45,000 meals in the bin while 70,000 London kids go hungry’ – Labour MP

Parliament wasted 45,000 meals last year as tens of thousands of children go hungry across London, an MP has said @ [source]

170. Free CV review

"Upload your CV below and it will be sent to one of CV Knowhow's CV Consultants. When they have reviewed it, you will receive a detailed document on how you can improve your CV." @ [source]

169. #CutTheCosts: email your MP today!

The UK National Union of Students is fighting the government proposal to scrap student maintainance. Help them fight by signing their petition @ [source]

168. Is Donald Trump a role model to be honoured?

Activists think that his hate speeches against Muslims, his outrageous sexism and his campaign to stop green energy should be punished and they are requesting your help to sign their petition @ [source]

167. French Far Right Victory Brings Eurozone Disaster Closer

Europe’s pivotal economy has less than 18 months to change its political course @ [source]

166. Xi Jinping, Leader of World’s Largest Online Censor, to Address World Internet Conference

China scored dead last in Freedom House's 2015 Internet Freedom survey @ [source]

165. The fall of Jersey: how a tax haven goes bust

Jersey bet its future on finance but since 2007 it has fallen on hard times and is heading for bankruptcy. Is the island’s perilous present Britain’s bleak future? @ [source]

164. Italy hampers rubber-stamped extension of EU sanctions against Russia

Europe is coming to a sense of normality as it starts reconsidering sanctions against Russia as "Italy has delayed an EU decision to extend economic sanctions against Russia, demanding the measure is discussed further within the bloc. The surprising move came at a meeting of EU envoys in Brussels on Wednesday" @ [source]

163. MoD wins appeal over Iraqi civilian mistreatment claims

"Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has won an appeal to overturn a ruling by the High Court which allowed Iraqi civilians to sue the ministry over allegations of illegal detention and mistreatment by British troops in Iraq" @ [source]

162. Turkey is looking for trouble

Just few days after it downed the Russian bomber, Turkey recently invaded Iraq against the will of the Iraqi government @ [source]

The event was followed by western media hypocrisy @ [source]

161. The Generation That Doesn't Remember Life Before Smartphones

This is what it means to be a teenager in 2015 @ [source]

160. Months After Nepal’s Deadly Earthquake, Locals Are Hoping Tourists Will Return En Masse

"Nepal’s April earthquake killed thousands of people and decimated the country’s vital tourism industry. Months after disaster struck, Mark Edward Harris checks in with Nepali filmmakers and Sherpas, and finds a people who are waiting for the crowds to return." @ [source]

159. Everything You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask About The Climate Talks In Paris
A two-week United Nations climate summit, where world leaders will discuss how to curb global emissions, starts today in Paris. Here’s what you need to know. @ [source]

158. How ISIS Is Recruiting Women in London

A British Muslim woman spent a year undercover to capture her radical Islamic recruiters on film—right in the heart of the city. @ [source]

157. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus? New brain study says not

Authors say scans show need to think beyond an individual’s sex as each brain has unique “mosaic” of sex-based features plus some common to both sexes @ [source]

156. When Living on a Boat Beats Paying Urban Rent

Some Britons are turning away from expensive flats and taking up residence on urban waterways. @ [source]

155. The world’s favorite fruit is slowly but surely being driven to extinction


154. Meet the not-so-naked Pirelli Calendar girls for 2016

"Ordinarily, the Pirelli calendar is a byword for smutty sexiness, albeit beautifully shot. Flip the cover (if you’re lucky enough to be one of the elite few to receive one) and you’ll find 12 NSFW images of scantily-clad or entirely nude models, often set in a tropical locale." @ [source]





152. What Mantra Best Suits You? [QUIZ]

Find out what phrase will help you get through the day @ [source]

I got : You approach life with measure, knowing that time, dedication and patience are the ingredients to making your dreams come true. With your personal mantra, "Every journey begins with a single step" you are steady and determined, exuding a sense of calm and fortitude which puts those around you at ease

151. 25 Children’s Books to Teach Your Kids Meaningful Values

As Confucius said, “you cannot open a book without learning something.” @ [source]

150. Fitness Isn't Just for the Wealthy: How to Stay Healthy on a Budget

"Personal trainers, fresh vegetables, and gym memberships all cost money. Not everyone can afford such luxuries. It’s one reason why being poor is too expensive—a crappy diet and sedentary lifestyle costs more down the line. Don’t worry: While fitness comes at a price, it’s not one you have to pay out of your wallet." @ [source]

149. User behaviour

Websites and apps are designed for compulsion, even addiction. Should the net be regulated like drugs or casinos? - by Michael Schulson @ [source]

148. How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation

"In a recent strategy meeting we attended with the leaders of a Fortune-500 company, the word “culture” came up 27 times in 90 minutes. Business leaders believe a strong organizational culture is critical to success, yet culture tends to feel like some magic force that few know how to control. So most executives manage it according to their intuition." @ [source]



The main topic today is about events which happened of 3rd December throughout history:

- 1776 Washington arrives at the banks of the Delaware
- 1979 Last AMC Pacer rolls off assembly line
- 1826 George McClellan born
- 1989 Bush and Gorbachev suggest Cold War is coming to an end
- 1989 The clothes make the man . . . guilty
- 1984 Explosion kills 2,000 at pesticide plant
- 1912 First Balkan War ends
- 1967 First human heart transplant
- 1984 The Bhopal-Union Carbide disaster
- 1948 Heavy-metal legend Ozzy Osbourne born
- 1857 Joseph Conrad’s birthday
- 1979 Eleven people killed in a stampede outside Who concert in Cincinnati, Ohio
- 1818 Illinois becomes the 21st state
- 1839 Lincoln reaches legal milestone
- 1979 Indian field hockey gold medalist Dhyan Chand dies
- 1962 Report maintains that Viet Cong are prepared for a long war
- 1965 Memorandum outlines terms for bombing halt
- 1916 Nivelle replaces Joffre as French commander
- 1944 Civil war breaks out in Athens


146. Throwback Thursday

 ... is a trend among social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook wherein users post or repost older photographs (often from their childhood) with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday or #TBT. Sports Illustrated attributes the origin of the trend to a sneaker-specific blog named Nice Kicks @ [source]

145. What Kind of Friend Are You? [QUIZ]

A fun quiz to find out how you support your nearest and dearest @ [source]

MY RESULTS TO THE TEST WERE: THE MENTOR - Wise beyond your years, you are the mentor. Your friends call you when they need to talk, and are always eager to get your advice - on relationships, work and family alike. You have a gift of being able to listen and analyze varied situations, and you really care about your friends so you’re happy to take the time to help. 

144. 15 of the Most Unlikely Animal Friends

This Android ad celebrates individuality and togetherness - with animals taking center stage @ [source]

143. Daily Inspirational Quotes

"Life isn`t about FINDING yourself. Life is about CREATING yourself." - George Bernard Shaw

142. Coffee drinking linked to lower mortality risk—again

Study adds to data on health benefits, including lowering certain disease risks. @ [source]

141. Why Gratitude Makes You a Happier Person

Stop pitying yourself, people have it worse, you should be grateful.” You’ve probably heard this before, and it’s some of the most cliché, unhelpful advice around. When gratitude is inspired by guilt, obligation, or shame, that’s not gratitude at all. True gratitude is a practical tool that serves a number of purposes beyond the after school special fluff of being thankful for what you have." @ [source]

141. The Scandalous Origin of Vaccines

Princesses, Slaves, and Explosives: "The Scandalous Origin of Vaccines - The history of inoculation may sound a little dry, but it’s really an epic tale of human trafficking, semi-illicit experimentation, and high explosives. It’s a globe-hopping story that stars harem girls, noblewomen, prisoners, princesses, slaves, and even a witch hunter." @ [source]

140. Proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade

"The Russian Defense Ministry has released evidence which it says unmasks vast illegal oil trade by Islamic State and points to Turkey as the main destination for the smuggled petrol, implicating its leadership in aiding the terrorists.
The Russian Defense Ministry held a major briefing on new findings concerning IS funding in Moscow on Wednesday. According to Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, Russia is aware of three main oil smuggling routes to Turkey.
" @ [source]

139. US-led coalition not striking ISIS oil trucks

Despite the fact that - as deputy commander of the General Staff Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy, said at a briefing in Moscow on Wednesday - “It’s hard not to notice” the thousands of trucks used by terrorists for oil smuggling, he acuses the US led coalition of not conducting any bombings against these. 

Furthermore, it is stated that the ISIS group was generating a daily income of 3 Million $ , but as Since september 30, when its airstrikes in Syria began, Russia has eliminated 32 Islamic State oil complexes, 11 refineries and 23 oil pump stations and this resulted in halving the ISIS funds @ [source]

138. NATO offer Montenegro membership

In a move described by Russia as provocative, as NATO is using puppet states to expand its area to control closer to the Russian homeland, NATO foreign ministers invited Montenegro to join its alliance. 

This of course resulted in a good acquisition of territory for NATO and a number of joint projects and programs between Russia and Montenegro to be cut, including military ones @ [source 1] [source 2] [source 3]

137. The hottest tech skills in the UK

1. React - React is the JavaScript library built for creating user interfaces for Facebook and Instagram. 

2. Docker - The open source program that enables a Linux application and its dependencies to be packaged as a container. 

3. Grunt - There is growing demand to implement this JavaScript task runner to automate tasks such as minification, compilation, unit testing and linting.

4. Elasticsearch - Elasticsearch is a distributed RESTful search engine built for the cloud which is growing in popularity. Analysts are using Elasticsearch to interrogate big data in real time.

5. Ansible - System administrators rely on Ansible (open-source tool), to help them configure and manage PCs.

6. Scala - This program language for software applications is needed as it has many features of Scheme, Standard ML and Haskell and is executable on a Java virtual machine.

7. Apache Cassandra - Apache Cassandra is an open source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. 

8. Tableau Analysts are in demand to use this BI tool to connect with big data and deliver business insight.

9. RabbitMQ RabbitMQ is a scalable open source message broker software using the standard AMQP protocol. RabbitMQ is supported by a growing community of active contributors.

10. Twitter Bootstrap - Another open source framework, Bootstrap is in demand for front-end responsive development using CSS pre-processors Less and Sass.


136. Recognising structure of language not unique to humans

"Understanding language may seem like a uniquely human trait -- but new research suggests otherwise.

A study published in Nature Communications has identified theevolutionary origins of the cognitive functions that underpin our ability to evaluate the order of words in sequence -- knowledge that may help our understanding of what happens when we lose our ability to process language after a stroke or in patients with dementia." @ [source]

135. How Virtual Reality Could Radically Change Dating

"New possibilities for the infirm and over-80 set.

Growing old, at least as we know it today, is about inexorable loss — loss of hair, loss of teeth, loss of family and friends, loss of home and money, perhaps. As the population ages, and more people are expected to reach 100 years old and beyond, it can seem a mixed blessing. Is old age something we want to prolong?" @ [source]

134. New Group of European Ancestors Discovered

"Scientists have a better understanding of European genetic makeup. Scientists have discovered a new group of ancient European humans." @ [source]

133. 1 December 2015 ! 

·                   ROMANIA NATIONAL DAY

Romania’s National Day (Ziua Națională), or Great Union Day (Ziua Marii Uniri), is an annual public holiday on December 1 to celebrate the unification of Romanian provinces. Romania also has Constitution Day, Flag Day and Anthem Day @ [source]


GET A FREE CV REVIEW by "I am emailing to offer you a CV review at no cost. Simply email sends e-mail) with your CV today  and I'll review it and suggest improvements.

Today`s jobs include:

Drinks waiter/waitress - Suitable candidates MUST have a drivers licence and be able to serve drinks and carry them to the tables in a popular hotel in the Newport area. The suitable candidate must be able to drive as he will be the main person to drive 3 or 4 waiters/waitresses to the hotel for work. Shifts are- 5PM until 12 AM.
 Petrol allowance also. The contract will be for every weekend until after Christmas. To apply please contact Elizabeth or Darren on 029 2047 4000. 

131. The Oxford Dictionaries word of 2015 is an emoji (seriously)

The word of the year for 2015 has been unveiled and, in an arguably depressing state of affairs, it isn't even a word. This year, an emoji has been selected. "Face with tears of joy" -- the laughing and crying emoji -- has been selected as Oxford Dictionaries' word of the year. Despite it not even being a word, or in the dictionary @ [source]

130. Scientists now think that being overweight can protect your health

Around a dozen years ago, researchers noticed that some patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease fared better than others. This should have been encouraging news, perhaps a clue to future treatments. Instead, researchers were baffled. Because the factor that seemed to be protecting these patients was fat: They were all overweight or mildly obese @ [source]

129. Ireland celebrates first same-sex marriage

The first same-sex marriage in Ireland took place this morning after new marriage equality legislation came into force yesterday. Cormac Gollogly and Richard Dowling, both 35, tied the knot in south Tipperary, Ireland, at the HSE Community Care Hospital in Clonmel. The couple signed the register on a hospital trolley, confirming their status as the first couple to be civilly married in Ireland. @ [source]

128. ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Classes in Cardiff

Athough at the time it is posted it is too late to start the mentioned course, but contacting them will give you information about future dates. 

127. Turkish F-16 attacked Russian Su-24 without warning

"A Turkish fighter jet launched a missile at a Russian bomber on Tuesday well ahead of the Su-24 approaching the Turkish border, the chief of Russia’s Air Force said. The bomber remained on Turkish radars for 34 minutes and never received any warnings.

The attack on the Russian Su-24 bomber was intentional and had been planned in advance, Viktor Bondarev, the chief of Russia’s Air Force, announced Friday, calling the incident an “unprecedented backstab.”

The commander shared with the media previously unknown details of what happened on Tuesday" @ [source]


On Monday I posted on Metro`s UK Facebook page about these procedures not being followed by Turkey when shooting down the aircraft and I was right :)


There are of course a few aftermaths following the unprovoked Turkish attack on the Russian bomber, some such as:

1.    ‘Commercial scale’ oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority target of anti-ISIS strikes - probably one of the most important causes which caused the Turkish attack on the Su-24 Russian bomber

2.    Russia to suspend visa-free travel with Turkey after Su-24 downing - where after 1st January 2016 the visa free regime between Turkey and Russia will be voided, meaning tourists visits from Russia to Turkey will decrease considerably

3.    Russia deploys cutting-edge S-400 air defense system to Syrian base after Su-24 downing - where the Russian airplanes operating in the area around the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria will be better protected from future unprovoked attacks like the one earlier this week

4.    China to set up 1st overseas naval base in Djibouti next to US airbase - as with the reasonable excuse of countering piracy better, China is showing the US it`s status as the dominant nation is ending ...

My view is that there will be no World War 3, as it`s USA vs Russia and China ... all other countries would be stupid to join the slaughter prepared for the USA :D

125. "L'appel des russes aux peuples d'Europe"

Wake Up Europe! Russia is not our enemy, neither are the Russians ... The only difference between the West and the East is that the East does not want to wage wars against small Asian states hence there are no terrorist bombings ... This happens whilst Amurica is still fascinated by Syria and wants to impose its democracy as it did with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and others ...

And as the Russians don`t get distracted too much by shows like Jeremy Kyle or by Western biased media, they prepared this small video for us (translation included):


124. Russian Su-24 jet downed by Turkish Air Force

Few days ago we were reading in the newspapers about the fact that Turkye shot down a Russian airplane. Most people (in the West) were lead to believe that Russia broke (on several occassions) the airspace in Turkye and it was a well deserved punishment. However, from the other perspective, the airplane in cause broke the airspace for just 17 seconds, and this is relevant to my previous comment on Metro`s Facebook:

"REALITY: Any airplane entering any other country's airspace must be (1) given notice to leave, (2) dispatched escorts which will conduct warning fire with machine guns and finally (3) shot down if it fails to comply. If you read other unbiased media you'll see that the airplane in case was shot down without any of the (1) and (2) steps and the fact that many of you dim-witted idiots here say "serves Putin right" shows that you're brainwashed beyond repairs and you deserve the bullshit the Western Media is sliding down your through with the intention to make you stupider (as if it wasn't already sufficient as it is). Educate yourself before saying anything!" @ (link here)

I will now proceed at sharing a few sources which will show that Turkey shot down unlawfully an airplane conducting bombings against ISIS near its borders:

·         Leaked Ankara UN letter claims Su-24's ‘air space violation’ lasted 17 seconds (basically Turkey admitting it was a very short breach as it had failed to follow the protocols abou warnings and escorts)

·         Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger (the fact that Russia was then prepared to defend future aircrafts / bombers from being shot down cowardly by Turkey)

·         Obama, Hollande call on Turkey and Russia to prevent escalation after jet downing ( as USA and France tried to defend the gross misconduct carried out by Turkey)

·         9 quick facts about Russian Su-24 jet downed by Turkish Air Force (what really happened to teh SU-24 Russian bomber who was shot down as it was bombing ISIS forces near a very lenient Turkey)

You don`t need to be an expert to see that this was Turkish retribution against those who were bombing ISIS, do you ?

123. Parliament to question Blair over Gaddafi ties

UK Parliament will question Former Prime Minister Tony Blair over alleged Gadafi ties. The former PM will face questions about his role in orchestrating British foreign policy towards Libya when he appears before the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in early December @ [source]

122. ThinkVision X24 MONITOR

Lenovo's The 23.8" ThinkVision® X24 display brings elegance to your desktop with a beautifully thin design, but it’s big on performance with an ultrasharp Full HD, wide-angle AH-IPS screen is now on sale saving you £36 from the price of £179.99. Get the 20% discount with the Coupon Code "CYBERACC" @ [source]

121. The right qualifications for your career

Reed is offering a wide range of training courses to help you progress your career. Best bit is that some of these courses are FREE. Interested ? Have a look here @ [source]

120. Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier

For many people, gratitude is difficult, because life is difficult. Research shows that being grateful will make your life happier @ [source(]

119. The untold rules of life

The 3 golden rules of life are as follows:

1.    Rule No. 1: Life is a competition

2.    Rule No. 2: You're judged by what you do, not what you think

3.    Rule No. 3: Our idea of fairness is self-interest


118. Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs motivational model

We base all our life on it, but most of us never heard of it. Maslow`s pyramid details the existence of 5 steps: Physiological (needs),SafetyLove/belonging, Esteem and Self-actualization

In my case, about 10 days ago I decided to get out (again) of the comfort zone with my now old friends and amicably terminated all interactions with them so that I may make new friends (this was done through enrollment to a new training course to develop my creativity and problem solving facts). 

I`m basing my life priorities around the Self-actualization step. How do you stack on this pyramid? @ [source]

117.  With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations

This video highlights an unknown side of the mass immigration, declining birth rates in EU countries and a few radical ideologies:

It`s about time America should be stopped from their desires to expand their influence. 

116. Syria troops advancing thanks to Russia strikes

Slowly but surely Syria troops (helped by coordonated Russian airstrikes are advancing in their war against ISIS. Must be mentioned that prior to Russian help dated 30 September 2015, the ISIS forces (already proven on various occassions as being helped by USA) were winning the war. Now Russian President Putin helped by his Chinese counterpart represent the only two countries effectively killing terrorists (as these two give no warnings before dropping a bomb and/or do not bomb empty tents like their American counterparts) @ [source]

Isis troops are likely to get to see their 72 virgins long before they were expecting :D

115. Boko Haram Is The Deadliest Terrorist Organization

The total number of deaths from terrorism across the world increased by 80% in 2014 to a total of 32,658, according to a new study and the #1 terrorist organisation is Boko Haram and the West and/or ONU aren`t doing anything to stop them @ [source]

114. Global Gender Gap Is Not Closing Fast Enough

Women around the world have narrowed the gender gap on key measures of political engagement, health, economics and education, but progress remains slow, according to a report from the World Economic Forum @ [source]

113. How Fairness Develops in Kids Around the World

A study of seven countries shows that all children hate getting less than their peers, but only some hate getting more @ [source]

112. Windows turns 30: a visual history

The PC revolution started off life 30 years ago this week. Microsoft launched its first version of Windows on November 20th, 1985, to succeed MS-DOS. It was a huge milestone that ... @ [source]

111. The murderers next door

A tragic story from Romania says like this: "In a remote corner of Romania, neighbours kill each other over tiny strips of land. Betrayed by their rulers, these rural communities have resorted to violent assertion of their rights" @ [source]

110. Currant thinking: how a raisin can predict ...

Currant thinking: how a raisin can predict if your child will be clever. Children who can resist eating a raisin for 60 seconds are more likely to do better academically, a study suggests @ [source]

109. A simple, mathematical formula ...

... for packing your perfect carry-on @ [source]

108. The Most Stunning Abandoned Places on Earth

There is something both eerie and striking about abandoned places—stark reminders of what used to be, with beauty seeping through the broken glass and dust [11 photos] @ [source]


CV Knowhow is offering today a free CV review. Check the offer out here @ [source]

106. 7 Days of Free Downloads

Download from over 300,000+ Graphics, Vectors, Icons, Buttons, Images and MORE from Graphicstock @ [source]

105. How creativity is helped by failure

"Dare to fail" is a powerful slogan. It doesn't mean we should aim at failure - rather it hints at the paradox that creativity is a journey that involves taking wrong turns along the way @ [source]

104. Rethinking productivity

“Productivity” has become such a buzzword that it can seem like it’s the goal in itself. But productivity is useless if what you’re producing isn’t meaningful or helpful to you or others in some way. The reason we really care about productivity—or the reason we should care—is that it allows us to do the things we care about as well and effectively as possible. Productivity isn’t a goal, but rather a tool for better achieving our goals @ [source]

103. Publicly Recording Your Progress

A recent meta-analysis of 138 different studies and experiments about using the public to motivate you suggests it may, in fact, be the best method for making any real progress toward your goals @ [source]

102. What Is Disruptive Innovation?

The theory of disruptive innovation, introduced in 1995, has proved to be a powerful way of thinking about innovation-driven growth. Many leaders of small, entrepreneurial companies praise it as their guiding star; so do many executives at large, well-established organizations, including Intel, Southern New Hampshire University, and @ [source]

101.France’s year of terror

France has been - in the last year alone - under a constant stress, grief, anger and fear. A few of these incidents are:

1.    20 December 2014 - when in the largest suburb of the city of Tours, in Central France, an attacker of Burundian origin, shouted “Allahu Akbar” [God is great] before attacking officers at a police station with a knife. The assailant, identified as Bertrand Nzohabonayo, injured three policemen before officers took him down.

2.    21 December 2014 - a man in the French city of Dijon run over 11 pedestrians in five areas of the city. The driver – who also shouted “Allahu Akbar” – was arrested. Authorities later stated that the attacker ploughed into passers-by because he suffered from severe psychiatric problems.

3.    23 December 2014 - a man in a white van rammed over ten pedestrians at a Christmas market in the French city of Nantes. The driver is said to have stabbed himself and officials said he appeared to be in an unstable metal condition. One civilian died in those attacks.

4.    In early January, the notorious Charlie Hebdo massacre took place - as the French nation was in state of horror after a series of five terrorist attacks, which took place in and around Paris. The four attacks killed at least 20 people and wounded dozens more, before three of the assailants were killed by special forces. The fourth terrorist remains at large.

5.    26 June 2015 - a French Muslim of North African descent, Yassine Salhi, decapitated his employer before driving his van into gas cylinders at a gas factory near Lyon. This caused an explosion and injured two other people. Prior to ramming his van in an effort to destroy the factory, Salhi placed his boss's decapitated head on a fence along with two Jihadist black flags. The suspect was arrested after being taken down by the firefighters that rushed to the scene.

6.    Finally, before the monstrous wave of attacks on Friday, a Thalys train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris via Brussels was attacked by an assailant who opened fire in a carriage before being subdued by off duty US servicemen aboard the train. Four people were injured but luckily none fatally.

7.    And there is the monstrous and vile attack in which cowards (using an American band concert) started shooting innocent people @ [source]

100.  Europe has shown “too much tolerance” towards Islamist movements

The first aftermath are that Europe is now becoming more and more reluctant to helping refugees and / or offering help for them @ [source]

99. 'If you are worried about refugees, stop supporting terrorists' - Assad

In this interview dated 15 September 2015, Syria`s President explains the logic of the situation: if the WEST supports terrorism, they will cause refugees @ [source]

98. Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members

Russian President Vladimir Putin then goes to share Russian Intelligence with allies detailing who funds ISIS @ [source]

97. David Cameron urges Vladimir Putin to avoid bombing Syrian moderate rebels 

We then see David Cameron asking that just part of the terrorist should be bombed (whilst other allowed to live) @ [source]

96. Russia Today Just Destroyed Fake News on Paris Terror Attack

We then see Geared O’Colman which destroyed the CIA fake news about Paris attacks. He also reveals that IS is an invention of America @ [source]

95. How Russia Just Won and Took Over The Middle East

And finally, we see that the only power to oppose the new world order is Russia and its allies @ [source]

94. Climate change could erase years of global anti-poverty efforts

Climate change could mean a lot more than rising temperatures, rising sea levels and increased risks of natural disasters — it might also erase years of hard work to reduce poverty around the world.
A new study published by the World Bank Group on Sunday predicts that without climate-smart development and strict reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that will decrease the impacts of climate change in developing countries, global warming could force more than 100 million additional people below the poverty line by 2030 — bringing the total close to 1 billion people in a worst-case scenario.
This means climate change could thwart the success of important global efforts to lift up the world's poor, such as the U.N.'s new Sustainable Development Goal to eradicate extreme poverty within the next 15 years @ [source]

93. Job of the future: “Robot helper”

Robots’ abilities are largely determined by what they’re programmed to do. But once the code is written and the machine is up and running, artificially intelligent machines (AIs) can learn from experience and from the humans around them.  Which means that, as AIs take on a growing role in the workplace, a new role is opening up for humans: The robot’s assistant @ [source]

92. Undelivered letters shed light on 17th-century society

An appeal for help from a desperate woman has been opened and read more than 300 years after the man it was sent to refused to accept delivery – not surprisingly, since the wealthy merchant in The Hague must have suspected it contained the unwelcome news that he was about to become a father.
The letter is part of an extraordinary trove of thousands of pieces of correspondence, never delivered, many still unopened and sealed closed, found packed into a leather trunk and stored away for centuries in the Netherlands. The collection includes letters from aristocrats, spies, merchants, publishers, actors, musicians, barely literate peasants and @ [source]

91. What It's Really Like To 'Walk' In Space

Astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren left the International Space Station on Friday for their second spacewalk in less than two weeks. Their assignment was to configure a vent door on the port side ammonia tank. That meant they were outside the space station, tied only with a tether, floating in outer space.“The flights that you've had are fine, but the only flight you really care about is your next flight." - U.S. Astronaut Terry Virts

Most of your ideas about space might come from movies — or maybe your third grade trip to the planetarium. Today, you can log onto NASA's website and watch live feeds from the International Space Station for a real-life space adventure. Perhaps even more life-like @ [source]

90. 'Jihadi John' Strike: US Says 'We Got Him'

We start today with details of the US bombing of IS (former ISIS / ISIL).

According to US sources, as posted on Yahoo, the notorious Jihadi John (by its real name of Mohammed Emwazi - a British national) has been killed by a drone attack. 

You`d think that this is a great victory for the US led coalition, but let`s not forget that the Russian attacks of IS troops in Syria have been far more devastating in 3 days alone than the US ones in over one year ( remember my post about "Russia gatecrashed underground NATO party in Syria" on 21 October 2015?) @ [source]

89. Unarmed black man dies after being tasered by police

Going back to the US, we see CCTV images showing Virginia police officers repetedly tasing an unarmed black man after he was arrested for a noise complaint at a hotel. The subject later died @ [source]

88. Arab men flock to refugee camps to buy little Syrian girls

In an older report, I read that The Middle East refugee camps have become shopping centers for rich men, where young girls are being sold for a cheap price. 

Arab men buys Syrian teen girls for marriage and sex, and according to Arab media most of the Syrian refugee girls are being sold to Saudi Arabia.

I`m curious to see what were (if any) the comments of United Nations @ [source]

87. The Terrorist Who Can’t Get Arrested

Al Qaeda operative Ben Mehedi Nasr turned up in a refugee boat in Sicily last month—and was sent home because of a loophole. Why does Italy keep letting a known terrorist go? The answer here @ [source]

86. The Edible Water Bottle You Can Make at Home

Ooho is a creative and green solution to discarding plastic water bottles @ [source]

85. How to Find Your Passion in Life [QUIZ]

Learn how to find your passion in life - and use it to turn your dreams into reality @ [source]

84. 12 things you should never do at an interview

The secret to be successful at interviews is to NOT: 1. Be late, 2. Have your phone on loud, 3. Use excessive slang, 4. Be arrogant and over-confident, 5. Dress inappropriately, 6. Moan about your current employer, 7. Lie, 8. Slouch/yawn/fall asleep, 9. Forget to listen, 10.Focus on the money, 11. Apologise too much and 12. Fail to make eye contact


83. Five career goal questions, and how to answer them

The 5 most common questions you bumpe into at interviews are the likes of: "Please describe the job you’ve applied for", "Why do you want to work at this company?", "What is your dream job?", "What motivates you?", and "Why do you want to leave your current job?", andd the best route to tackling them is here @ [source]

82. Three Things You Can Do to Grow More Brain Cells

Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret explains how our brains can grow new brain cells through neurogenesis. The more active neurogenesis is for you, the more likely you’ll have a better mood, increased memory formation, and be able to fight off the decline associated with aging. The three things Thuret suggests will help you grow more brain cells are 1) Learning, 2) Sex and 3) Running @ [source]

81. Mobile, ecosystems and the death of PCs

Android and iOS smartphones alone are now outselling PCs 5:1, not even counting tablets, and that will rise to closer to 10:1 in the next few years. So, this is the new scale ecosystem. The PC age is slowly beoming history @ [source]

80. Nine Exercises You Can Do Without Any Equipment

The graphic, from Swissôtel and Judit Rango of, covers nine different exercises that cover flexibility, core strength training, and even some cardio. No weights, steps, or other equipment is necessary, so now you have no excuse for skipping out on your workout @ [source]

79. 50 Ways People Live Better On Their Own Terms

1. Stop consuming caffeine, 2. Pray or meditate morning, mid-day, and night, 3. Read 1 book per week, 4. Write in your journal 5 minutes per day, 5. Marry your best friend and 45 other life tricks are said to help people live healthier, happier and more successfull @ [source]

78. The Incredible Simple Time-Management System

The simple technique to fit 40 hours work into a 16.7 is here @ [source]

77. Build it beautiful

The simplest way to create a beautiful website is here @ [source]

76. Doping Claims: Athletics Report 'A Game-Changer'

If you thoght FIFA was the only corrupt association, well ... You`re in the wrong: a report on doping in world athletics is expected to reveal that officials tried to extort money from athletes in return for concealing failed drug tests. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will release a report later today which is expected to detail corruption inside the sport's governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) @ [source]

75. Flirting Via Text: What Girls Really Mean

Continuing with the cheating topic (or chatting here), according to the Internet, men who fail to read between the lines of flirty text messages explode into a million pieces @ [source]

74. We can help you get into teaching

As a teacher, you can inspire the next generation and help them realise their ambitions. That means you can go home each day knowing you’ve made a real difference, giving all young people the chance to fulfill their potential. Applications for teacher training in 2016/17 are now open, and you could receive a tax-free bursary or scholarship of up to £30k while you train. For more information and to receive tailored support during the application process, make sure you register @ [source]

73. NASA is hiring astronauts

Are you an American citizen of average height with at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or mathematics from an accredited institution and three years of related experience? If so, you likely qualify to be a NASA astronaut! Brush up your resume: Applications for the next round of astronaut candidates open on Dec. 14 @ [source]

72. 10 things you never knew you could do with Coca-Cola

Coke float popsicles, Coca-Cola chicken, Cherry Coke ice-cream float, Cherry Coke ice-cream float, Great balls of cola!, Coca-Cola jelly salad, Dirty Coke fudge, Slow-cooked roast beef, Coca-Cola ice-cream cake and the ultimate Coca-Cola cake @ [source]

71. Hot Water With Lemon: A healthy Drink Alternative

Hot water with lemon creates magic as it: 1) helps detox everyday, 2) awakens digestive tract, 3) supports weight loss, 4) relieves an upset stomach, 5) boosts metabolism, 6) strengthens the immune system, 7) brings immense benefits to the skin, 8) bring several nutrients needed by the body and 9) replenishes loss sodium @ [source]

70. Our Best Bet To Feed More People

Our ability to keep feeding Earth's growing population using current agricultural methods is hitting its limit. So researchers are looking to alter plants' most basic systems @ [source]

69. Investigatory Powers Bill: what's in it, and what does it mean?

Internet service providers will have to store the details of every website people visited for 12 months if the new draft Investigatory Powers Bill is passed, the government has confirmed. In a lengthy statement to parliament, Theresa May reiterated that the powers were intended to allow security services to protect the public, and particularly children, against threats including terrorism, organised crime and sexual predators@ [source]

68. Free personalised CV review

With competition for jobs fiercer than ever, making sure you stand out from the crowd is essential. At get your free CV review @ [source]

67. Exposed: The REAL Reason MH17 Was Shot Down 

Produced, written, and edited by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey, this video published on Jul 23, 2014 shows what may have happened last year in Ukraine with the shotting down of MH17...

66. How to Craft the Perfect Playlist for Productivity

Why We’re Addicted to Music: As neuroscientist and musician Jamshed Bharucha discovered, there’s something primal about why we love music. Bharucha found that creative domains such as music allow humans to connect in a synchronized way, helping us develop a group identity and become more likely to work together @ [source]

65. Virtual Classes vs Real Ones

Why Virtual Classes Can Be Better Than Real Ones: An engineering professor takes online-course critics to school @ [source]

64. The 7 Rules of Personal Productivity

Rule 1: Focus on your goals and priorities, Rule 2: Know yourself, Rule 3: Always get the job done, Rule 4: Love your work, Rule 5: Be flexible, adaptive, and creative, Rule 6: Work when you have to, not when you don’t and Rule 7: Take care of yourself @ [source]

63. Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

5 Brilliant TED Talks That Will Boost Your Emotional Intelligence - They say these talks will inspire you to think differently about yourself and others @ [source]

62. 2015 Million Mask March

"Remember remember, the 5th of November" - Anonymous readies for global day of action in over 650 cities @ [source]


An employer would like to employ someone who has the following skills/attributes:






And these at their own are divided as follows:

1.    PERSONAL VALUESExhibits a good attitude, Honest, Wants to learn, Asks questions and listens well, Seeks help when needed andHas goals,

2.    TEAM WORKINGRespect for others, Listens, Shows initiative, Follows instructions, Sense of humour and Positive outlook (sees the full half of the glass),

3.    CUSTOMER SERVICE: Effective communication skills, Creating rapport, Willing, Helpful, Uses own initiative, Confident and Positive

4.    EMPLOYABILITY: Reliable, Trustworthy, Is punctual, Attention to detail, Presentable, Work ethics and Shows pride in his/her work

5.    KEY SKILLS: Working with words, Working with numbers, IT Skills and Health and Safety Awareness.

I`m now gonna have to redo my whole CV to reflect / highlight these skills better. 

60. Germany could revolutionize the way we use energy

A dream which held longer than 60 years, when scientist have dreamed of an inexhaustible energy source in the form of nuclear fusion is now close to be released in Germany @ [source]

59. Philips introduces two new smartphones sporting "anti-blue" displays

This "anti-blue" display reduces the amount of blue light that comes from a smartphone screen, by up to 86%. This feature can be found on the just unveiled Philips Sapphire S616 and the Philips Sapphire Life V787 @ [source]

58. Sony Sensors Score With iPhone 6, Galaxy Users

Sony image sensors are the first choice for most top-tier devices, including the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy line @ [source]

57. 12 sites that will teach you coding for free

These are 1. CodeAcademy, 2. Coursera, 3. edX, 4. Udemy, 5. aGupieWare, 6. GitHub, 7. MIT Open Courseware, 8. Hack.pledge(), 9. Code Avengers, 10. Khan Academy, 11. Free Food Camp and 12. HTML5 Rocks @ [source]

56. It turns out sex actually DOESN’T sell

‘Sex sells’ has been a staple of the advertising world since Mad Men (which was a work of fiction, btw), but new research suggests it might not be true @ [source]

55. A look at smartphone performance over the past 7 years

Smartphones are pretty quick these days, offering buttery smooth multi-tasking and packing enough grunt to push out plenty of pixels for high resolution gaming. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the world of smartphones was quite different not so long ago. So, let’s take a little time to appreciate just how far our little smartphones have come @ [source]

54. George Boole

George Boole was an English mathematician, educator, philosopher and logician. He worked in the fields of differential equations and algebraic logic, and is best known as the author of The Laws of Thought which contains Boolean algebra.

The mosts important 5 things about him are that: 1. His system of Boolean Logic paved the way for modern electrical engineering and computer science, 2. He was self-taught and had little formal education, 3. He was a polymath, 4. He founded a school when he was just 19 and 5. He became the first professor of mathematics at the newly founded Queen’s College, Cork (now University College Cork) in Ireland in 1849 @ [source]

53. Mary Leakey discovers the first fossils of Homo habilis

On 2nd November 1960 - Mary Leakey and her team discover the first fossils of Homo habilis, an early human ancestor, at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Homo habilis is thought to be one of the earliest species to make stone tools and lived between 1.4 and 2.3 million years ago.

Mary Leakey was a British paleoanthropologist who discovered the first fossilised Proconsul skull, an extinct ape now believed to be ancestral to humans. She also discovered the robust Zinjanthropus skull at Olduvai Gorge @ [source]

52. 12 Years Old And Homeless - What's It Like To Be?

Whilst the UK government did a fanastic job at bailing out the banks during the recesson, it appears - as confirmed by Shelter UK - that it failed to take care of the needy ones - the poorest families. More exactly, the number of homeless children in Britain has risen to 100,000 - the highest level in seven years and in the last year alone, 15,000 more children have been forced to live in temporary and often unsuitable accommodation as councils attempt to find permanent homes for struggling families @ [source]

51. Merseyside Police rape 'joke'

When it comes to catching crooks, or adhering to time to respond to calls - the police forces in UK are unerstaffed and overburdened (according to what they`re saying). But when it comes to making stupid comments on social media - they are very responsive, as seen in this case with Merseyside Police @ [source]

50. This Dishwasher Fits on a Countertop and Uses No Electricity

The Circo dishwasher, created by Israeli designer Chen Levin uses a crank of a handle, a jet of water, a touch of sodium acetate and Voila! - dishes are cleaned (no electricity needed) @ [source]


Has it ever happened to you to meet one person (let`s say in this case a girl with blonde hair) and the second time to meet her with a different hair colour (redhead) and struggle to remember her name? It happened to me Saturday 31st October and it has something to do with visual memory (which is a form of memory which preserves some characteristics of our senses pertaining to visual experience. We are able to place in memory visual information which resembles objects, places, animals or people in a mental image).

Related to this topic but not to the above case, the NHS offers free Children’s Occupational Therapy - Activity Ideas to help little ones improve their visual memory @ [source]

48. ‘Utterly useless’: Scottish Labour votes against Trident renewal

The weapons manufacturers are about to loose an important £167 billion from UK as Scottish labour find the Trident renewal a waste of funds and useless @ [source]

47. Terrorists, non-state actors had no capacity to down Russian plane

Charles Shoebridge - security analyst and former UK counter-terrorism officer stated: “As far as it’s known, Islamic State and its affiliate groups don’t have the capability to bring down aircraft flying at the height that this aircraft reportedly was, which is something around 10,000 meters,”  This claim was backed up by Egypt’s former minister of civil aviation, Wail al-Madawi, who agrees that militant groups in Sinai do not possess the capabilities to bring down a commercial aircraft flying that high. “Only a state can have such resources,” @ [source]

46. China unveils first homegrown jetliner

China is launching its own first domestically-built passenger jet to compete with the market leaders Boeing and Airbus @ [source]

45. 11 Tweaks to Your Daily Routine

Travis Bradberry explains that the daily 11 routines should be: 1. Start with exercise, 2. But drink some lemon water first, 3. No screen time until breakfast, 4. Eat a real breakfast, 5. Set goals for the day, 6. First, clean your workspace, 7. No e-mail until you've eaten three frogs, 8. Assign times to your to-do list, and monitor your progress against your goals, 9. Keep morning meetings on schedule, 10. Don’t multitask, 11. Say no. 

Whilst I personally agree with #2, #4, #5 (which should have been prepared the previous day), I totally disagree with #10 and #11 - as multitasking comes naturally for me and new tasks challenge and motivate me to finish the bigger workload on time @ [source]

44. Iranian Actress Banned From Acting 

and her only sin / fellony / wrongdoing was posting online pics without hijab. 

You mut think it`s Islam`s law / nonsense (depending on your view over relgion); and you may think Christianity does it better. Guess what - you`re wrong too - how many ladies are allowed behind altars or to be priests in our churches? @ [source]

43. Thousands Of UK Students Using Sugar Daddy Websites

With thanks to the economic burdens in the UK, more and more students are now using sugar daddys to be succesful in university ... I`m still at a loss why the police is not taking any actions in arresting all the guys paying for sex (that would be a great detterent) @ [source]

42. What happens when a woman pretends to be drunk?

What this video shows - of a charming provocative lady - is in my view sexual harassment ... sadly it`s a true reality with desperate predators lurking in along other nice men. I just hope the police were informed of those assaults and arrests were made @ [source]

41. Inside the Secretive World of Tax-Avoidance Experts

Tax evasion is everywhere present (from small businesses, to middle ones all the way to big corporations like Apple). Whilst this causes inequality around the world, it also causes austerity in the countries most affected by it @ [source]

40. Top 10 Skills You Need at Work

Writing Skills, Verbal Communication Skills, Self-Confidence and Assertiveness, Time Management, Networking Skills, Basic Technology Skills, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Negotiation Skills, The Ability to Work Well on a Team and Empathy and Emotional Intelligence are the top 10 skills @ [source]

39. Free 'Digital Technology Past and Present' information pack

The 'Digital Technology Past and Present' information pack is bursting at the seams with content to expand your knowledge on:

History of Computers,   *Women in Mathematics and Computing,    *Basics of Algorithms,    *The Limits of Algorithms,    *Calculating Devices   and *Simple Coding @ [source]

38. Free Courses - Online, Distance Learning & Classroom is offering FREE Courses. The subjects covered are: *Travel & Tourism, *Fashion & Beauty, *Accountancy & Finance, *Trades, *Business & Management, *Health & Care, *Admin, Secretarial & PA and *IT

These acourses are available in various cities in the United Kingdom, so click the link below to see if any applies to what you`re looking for @ [source]

37. Take Control of Your Sales Process

With a FREE CRM! HubSpot CRM (FOREVER 100% free for unlimited users and contacts) is the flexible, intuitive solution for managing your prospects and sales pipeline @ [source

36. 5 Ways To Harness Neurogenesis: Boost Your Brain 

Neurogenesis is the birth of new neurons from neural stem or progenitor cells in the brain. It was long considered that the number of neurons was fixed and they did not replicate after maturity of the brain. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that neurogenesis was observed in the brains of humans, other primates and a number of other species that led to its widespread scientific acceptance @ [source]

35. Psychedelic Mushroom Compound Found to Grow and Repair Brain Cells

You may know them as “shrooms”, “Magic mushrooms”, psilocybic mushrooms, or you may not know them at all. They are a natural plant that, like marijuana, is banned by the U.S. Government. But like marijuana, these mushrooms may not be without medical properties. Like marijuana, they could deserve a place on natural medicine shelves for their ability to treat depression, eradicate mental illness, and improve cognition – not in police evidence rooms.

According to research from the University of South Florida, psilocybin, the active component within psychedelic mushrooms, is able to grow new brain cells—potentially offering treatment for mental illness and improving cognition @ [source]

34. 11 Ways To Grow New Brain Cells And Stimulate Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis or the growth of new brain cells has become a seemingly trending topic in the past few years as everyone is looking for some sort of hack/edge on the competition and growing new brain cells. A list of 11 ways (and their sources) @ [source]

33. You can grow new brain cells

Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret says that we can grow them, and she offers research and practical advice on how we can help our brains better perform neurogenesis—improving mood, increasing memory formation and preventing the decline associated with aging along the way @ [source]

32. Sony to build new smartphone factory; its first in 20 years

Sony is committed to the mobile space and that it has no plans to give up just yet and this can be see as Sony Mobile will launch a new smartphone factory in Thailand, which will be the first Sony plant dedicated to its mobile business in 20 years @ [source]

31. How to act less stupid, according to psychologists

Hypothesizes that intelligent people might be less capable of evaluating themselves, making them more vulnerable. When given a math problem, for instance, an intelligent person might assume they aren't capable of the same thinking errors that their peers are, which, in turn, makes them more prone to commit them @ [source]

30. Happening in Pontypridd, South Wales

Paul Mee - the Service Director for Public Health & Protection at Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council - when he`s not aiding and abetting illegal evictions, makes public statements about the poor services its department offers in Pontypridd - as the incident should have been investigated following the first complaint @ [source]

29. Male brain is programmed to seek out sex over food

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a new study suggests that when it comes to sex, food is the last thing on his mind.
Researchers have found that the male brain is hardwired to seek out sex, even at the expense of a good meal, with specific neurons firing up to over-ride the desire to eat. Yet, here in the society I live they`re yet to find out why alcohol beats sex @ [source]

28. West`s double standards in The Middle East

Russian President Vladimir Putin reminds us all how USA is training "moderate terrorists" which ultimately provide weapons for the ISIS terrorists. I am still trying to understand why he (USA President) would invade Syrian territory and autonomy to begin with @ [source

27. #RiseUpOctober protests against police killing civilians begin in New York

Hundreds gathered in New York City’s Times Square on Thursday, launching a three-day protest against officer-involved killings, brutality and mass imprisonment dubbed “Rise Up October.”
The three-day protest began Thursday morning with a “Say Their Names” rally. Hundreds gathered in midtown Manhattan to hear relatives speak about their loved ones who were killed by police officers over the past several years @ [source1] [source2]

26. Netanyahu blasted for claiming Palestinian leader inspired Holocaust

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has come under fire for accusing the World War II Palestinian grand mufti of convincing Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jews. The bold claim has been deemed incorrect by historians and Israeli opposition leaders. @ [source 1] [source 2]

25. 'Russia gatecrashed underground NATO party in Syria'

22,000 bombs were dropped in the last 13 months in Siria by the United States led coalition with little or no effect ... Rusia starts bombing and after one week IS fighters are fleeing the country, at the outrage of America for not knowing the Rusian targets @ [ source ]

24. UK Tories’ benefit cuts minister spends £8.5m on fuzzy purple monster

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will launch a costly new television ad on Wednesday night featuring a Disney-like character known as “Workie” which costed the taxpayers £8.5m ... Good austerity example set forth by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith  @ [ source ] 

23. 10 crazy costumes from Rugby World Cup 2015

A galery of some of the most interesting / crazy costumes from the Rugby World Cup @ [ source ]

22. Putin diplomatic level sky high in Charlie Rose interview for the CBSN

The russian president - in an interview taken by Charlie Rose from CBSN on 28 September 2015 - tackled the lenghty evolution of democracy (refering to the Ferguson case in the United States where the shooting of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, a northern suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old African-American male, was fatally shot by Darren Wilson, 28, a white Fergusonpolice officer) in Russia and the USA. 

He then refused to criticise Barack Obama, explained that the "russian card" may be used during the forthcoming elections and more @ [ source ] 

21. The Bible [extract] : "called down a curse on them in the name of the Lord"

In 2 Kings 2:23-25 New International Version (NIV) I found out that the Bible tells of a "baldy" cursing some kids (in the name of the Lord) to their death @ [ source ]

20. Free Psychometric Test  

Enjoy a FREE Psychometric Test, plus many others like Personality, Verbal Challenge, Numerical etc.@ [ source ]

19. 10 Life-Changing Books that Will Stay With You Forever

THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho (1988), THE ARTIST’S WAY by Julia Cameron (1992), LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel (2001), THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED by M. Scott Peck (1978), THE HISTORY OF LOVE by Nicole Kraus (2005), CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD by Neil Donald Walsch (1995), THE GIVING TREE by Shel Silverstein (1964), FLOW: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (2013), SOPHIE’S WORLD by Jostein Gaarder (1991) and THE RED TENT by Anita Diamant (1997) @ [ source ]

18. The Top 10 Healthiest Foods on Earth (And How to Eat Them)


17. Labels Against Women - Philippines Pantene Commercial 2013

When a guy is "persuasive" but a girl in a similar position is "pushy", when he is "dedicated" but she "selfish", he "neath" yet she "vain" and he "smooth" and she "show-off", you know you must definitely start changing the way you think about women @ [ source ]

16. Banana peels have nutritional benefits

12% of your daily fiber, 17% of your vitamin C and many others @ [ source ]

15. Nobody Cares How Hard You Work

We chronically confuse the feeling of effort with the reality of results @ [ source ]

14. Actors Get Paid A LOT More Than Actresses

The issue of gender pay inequality in movies has been all over the news @ [ source ]

13. 20 Children's Books That Redefine Gender Roles

A collection that defies ‘normal,’ challenges stereotypes, and encourages individuality @ [ source ]

12. Offshore bets are illegal in the United States 

The Dark Reality of Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Games @ [ source ]

11. KUNDUZ hospital in Afghanistan was bombarded several times 

"The hospital was repeatedly hit both at the front and the rear and extensively destroyed and damaged ..." @ [ source ]

10. Washington intends “to try and avoid the complete and total destruction of Syria [ISIS]"

US seeks talks with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey on Syria – Kerry @ [ source ]

9. Interview handshakes: How not to make a good first impression

Making the right first impression at a job interview really matters… @ [ source ] 

8. Eight myths about CVs

When it comes to writing the perfect CV, it can sometimes seem as if everyone’s an expert... @ [ source ]

7. Report from city in Latakia province after being cleared of jihadists

Where the ISIS "terrorists" have fun devastating everything in their path ... @ [ source ] 

6. Russian Navy can strike ISIS positions in Syria anytime

Where Baghdad, which Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran share intelligence on terrorist forces and coordinate their war effort against them ... [ source ]

5. Sony Xperia Z3 software update v. 23.4.A.1.200

where I updated via Sony PC Companion my Xperia Z3 to the above software version (a small increase which uses les RAM) ... I`m still waiting for the update to 5.1.1 on my Xperia 3+ Dual. 

4. The Scottish Musical Theatre Show That Deaf People Can Hear

where The Kind of Silence [theatre] features vibrations and rhythms that deaf and hearing audiences can experience together @ [ source ]

3. What’s Your Productivity Style? [QUIZ]

the 10 simple questions to determine your style of getting stuff done resulted with me being "THE PRODUCTIVITY MASTER" @ [ source ]

2. Armin van Buuren ft. Sharon den Adel - In and Out of Love

I remembered the track and played it few times for old times sake @ [ source ]

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