Bethesda continues Rage 2 tease

Bethesda continues Rage 2 tease: Pink timekeepers, pink rockets and now some Rage cosplay—it's all including. 

One more day, another bother. This time, Bethesda's posted a photo of a group of beardy young men going on a visit... in any case, what's that? Would it be able to be a Rage cosplayer in the line. It surely seems as though it. 

We hope to take in more on May 14, however Bethesda won't not be done Twitter prodding yet. 

Refresh: Another bizarre tweet has showed up on the Bethesda bolster, bearing a similar shade of pink and "5-14" numerics however generally having no undeniable association with the Big Ben tweet from prior today. 

t's sensible to expect that Bethesda will keep this up for briefly, so watch out for its Twitter account in the event that you need to take after along. 

Unique story: 

Bethesda tweeted a picture of Big Ben today, the hands of the celebrated clock painted pink and leaving a splendid spread as they traverse the face. What does it mean? 

All things considered, we should discuss the conceivable outcomes. The pink unquestionably could be a reference to Rage 2: only yesterday, after Walmart conceivably ruined a cluster of E3 diversion declarations by posting a rundown of up and coming recreations, Rage's twitter posted a rectification in brilliant pink, which is in all probability affirmation that Rage 2 is en route. Is London the setting of Rage 2? 

The clock's pink hands are balanced at 5:14, which may mean a date: May 14. That is this coming Monday, so this tweet could be a pre-declaration to an up and coming declaration. Possibly we'll get a trailer for Rage 2 on Monday? 

All in all, our cash is on a Rage 2 declaration, however what else would it be able to mean? Another amusement set in London? An old arrangement (Fallout) set in London? Skyrim will be playable on Apple Watch? It's the ideal opportunity for more Brink? 

Bethesda continues Rage 2 tease

It would seem that Bethesda will declare another amusement soon and given the hints, and late holes, we've a smart thought of what it may be. 

If not for the Walmart spills yesterday we'd have no clue what Bethesda is indicating about with the arrangement of tweets underneath, however it appears to be likely that it's a continuation or reboot for 2011's Rage. 

The first dystopian amusement was by id Software and was implied as the following development in their arrangement of first individual shooters that incorporate Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. 

Yet, after a long arrangement of defers It wasn't so effective as any of those and wound up being immediately overlooked, in spite of a still agreeable endeavor to blend in open world components and Mad Max style auto dashing. 

There's two primary things going ahead with these tweets, the first is the redundancy of the numbers 5 and 14. Given the retrogressive way Americans compose dates this appears to probably be a reference to May 14, i.e. next Monday. 

The pink shading would be a riddle however, in the event that it wasn't likewise utilized on a tweet that Bethesda used to deride the Walmart hole of Rage 2. Which, purposefully not, appears to affirm the way that the amusement exists. 

That still leaves the zebra crossing-filled intersection as something of a puzzle however, as it does exclude the numbers 5-14 and doesn't appear to have anything to do with Rage (you could contend the rocket does, as the primary amusement starts with you in space). 

Possibly it's each of the a red (pink) herring and this isn't Rage 2 all things considered, however it's unquestionably another session or some likeness thereof. 

Which is continually energizing with regards to Bethesda, particularly as they've said that their pre-E3 occasion in June will be their longest ever…