Let`s talk about digital marketing, its subcategories and how I can help you with these.


1) BRAND IDENTITY – as per recent studies and research, on average, a brand requires 5 to 7 impressions before it can be remembered.
I would help your business by creating leaflets as a graphic designer, photo galleries as a photographer and I can even create viral videos which get thousands of impressions daily. I can help your brand get noticed.

2) WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT – Giants like Amazon, EBay and even NASA use Drupal. Amateurs use WordPress. I can easily set up “feeder” Drupal websites which can be used as blogs which will provide through daily content backlinks (white SEO) and visitors to your main website. These feeder websites can host CTA`s (click to actions) which will generate extra enquiries / sales for your main websites.
As a bonus, I can provide over 1300 (and increasing) Google, 500+ Bing and 25 Alexa backlinks to your website.

Experienced Website Developer

3) SEO – Did you knew that Google takes around 6 months to fully index your content (own experiment with page submitted in April 2017 appearing in indexed search in November 2017)?
Sadly, I conducted many experiments on my websites and deleted these many times, losing indexed content.
SEO is the 2nd most important aspect of your digital marketing strategy and I know for a fact that there are many searches around your service/product with broad keywords (ie. “luxury cars” for your “cars” keyword) which you are missing out. Your business is missing out many customers.
I can assist by revising your SEO strategy and help through your website or “feeder” website get your products appearing more in search results, appearances relating to broad keywords. I will increase your sales.

Verified SEO Expert

4) SEM – Search Engine Marketing (or the term “PPC” mistakenly used by many). There are around 10 common mistakes which are made even by reputable digital agencies in the UK when using ads. These result in a reduced ROI (return of investment) and discourage companies to use AdWords.
I am certified by Google as a person who can run perfect search engine marketing campaigns as I keep an eye on facts like landing pages, keywords, negatives, ad extensions, automated rulers, remarketing, CTA and local attributes. I am not a big fan of paid advertisement as this is a solution for unskilled digital specialists, for those who can`t do SEO properly; but I am one of the most efficient solutions if you were to need one.


5) SOCIAL MEDIA – the 1st most important aspect in digital marketing. Up until August 2017 I was focusing just on my Google Plus account as I knew that this helps me land any website promoted on it on the 1st page (in August – November 2016 I had a SERP of 2 for “seo tutorials” on my website). In August 2017 I had just 1000 Twitter followers, 6 weeks later 5000 (I became an “Influencer”) and at the time of writing this, I have over 11 000 followers.
Thanks to my partnership with TuneMyWebsite I have access to 40 000 other Twitter followers. This means that my 289k monthly impressions change into 1257k, the profile visits from 1913 to 9875 and the website visits from 10 to around 50 per day*.
Let`s calculate now 50 visitors per day at a PPC rate of 10 Euros/GBP. You just saved yourself a lot of money today.
And after Google and Twitter, another channel which I started focusing on more recently is Facebook. The impressive fact here is that if I were to share your Facebook post to my network of Facebook pages, around 30 000 impressions are achieved seamlessly easy. That equates with around 100 Euros/GBP of Facebook adverts. I post 5 ads a day and share them and I just saved your company a lot of money.
I can easily increase the number of followers and likes on your social media.

Increase your Social Media reach

6) REVIEW – Improvement and innovation happens only with an analytic review of the journey of your customer on your website. Regretfully, this aspect is neglected completely by small and medium businesses due to lack of funds required for hiring such a specialist.
I excel in this aspect too as I review the data provided by Google Analytics and social media such as Twitter Analytics and Facebook Page Insight. I will reduce that bounce rate to an all-time minimum.

7) TRENDING CONTENT – Twitter, Facebook and even Google praise and highlight such topics. After you reinforced your brand identity, after you optimised your website for a faster speed, upon reviewing and improving your SEO and SEM, with 2-3 fully functional social media campaigns (your own and 2 others of my own); the last aspect we need to focus on is getting more visitors to your website through trending content. These visitors can turn into customers. If not, with proper follow up articles, we can avoid a bounce rate and instead show search engines your website is increasing daily in user experience.
I can create “magic” content for your website / feeder blog and make search engines like your website more.