8 Alternatives to Skype

8 Alternatives to Skype

For a similarly easier online communication

Skype was a good communication tool when it was developed ... but as technology changes, so do alternatives appear. Some better.

8 Alternatives to Skype

Although Skype was a trend when the internet was in its childhood, but as it is now  a mature grown up individual, the internet offers far more performant routes, such as:

  • Ring Central

With features such as  call auto-attendant, call forwarding and handling, company directory, multiple extensions, mobile apps, video conferencing and screen-sharing, Business SMS, and fax, Ring Central is a great must have app. 

  • Team on the Run

Offers a free business version for up to 5 users which includes NFC, VoIP, Group Chat, PTT, WebRTC, GPS tracking, and others. 

  • Aircall

A great call centre software and cloud-based phone system. 

  • GoToMeeting

Awarded as the best USA collaboration solution in 2016, it features online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing.

  • 8x8

VoIP solution for affordable, flexible, cloud-based communications, helping businesses serve customers.

  • Zoho Meeting

Considered to be the best software calling solution. 

  • Phone.com

VoIP business phone service, virtual pbx  and toll-free numbers are just a few of the features you get. 

  • Cisco WebEx

Online video conferencing and meetings.